The US to welcome a 100,000 Ukrainian refugees


The US will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression, a senior management respectable introduced Thursday.

“To meet this dedication, we’re considering the overall variety of legal pathways to the united states,” the professional stated, which incorporates US refugee admissions software, parole, and immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

The reliable stated the White House will now not ask Congress to amplify the current cap on annual refugees, that’s currently set at 125,000 for the monetary year 2022, because it’s miles extra of a “lengthy-time period dedication” and there can be different avenues to enter us for lots of those Ukrainians.

“We still have a significant capacity within the one hundred 25,000 so we do not currently envision the want to head past that,” the reputable said.

The reputable stated that the management is running to extend and broaden new programs with “a focal point on welcoming Ukrainians who have own family participants in the US.”

There may be an emphasis on protecting the most prone few of the refugee populations, including individuals of the LGBTQI+ community, people with clinical desires, reporters, and 0.33-us of nationals.

“With the aid of establishing our united states to these individuals, we will help relieve some of the strain on the European host international locations that are presently shouldering so much of the duty,” the legitimate introduced.