Three-month-missing Golden Retriever found by Colorado drone trainees


Three-month-missing Golden Retriever found by Colorado drone trainees, On the weekend, law enforcement officers in Colorado came across a golden retriever that had been gone for three months, ever since it escaped from the scene of an auto accident and went missing.

The dog, whose name is Farah, was found on Sunday during a drone training session that was being performed by sheriff’s deputies in Fremont County, which is located near Colorado Springs. They were able to find her almost immediately by using the infrared camera on the drone, the sheriff’s office claimed in a statement outlining the rescue that was published on Facebook. The post also mentioned that Farah had been “reunited with her family.”

The sheriff’s office stated that they used the drone to search the area where Farah had been spotted most recently.

According to a post made by the sheriff’s office on Facebook, “Within minutes, Deputies were able to spot her utilizing the drone’s infrared camera.” “After only a brief separation, Farah was able to get back together with her family. The Unmanned Aerial Systems team was able to perform some very useful search and rescue procedures using our drone, and she is now on her way back home safely.”

The owner of Farah, Taylor Salazar, stated in an interview with a radio station in Colorado Springs, Colorado, named KRDO that she and her late husband, Fili, got the dog in 2019 when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She referred to the dog as “the quintessential goldie.”

“We desperately needed something to perk up the atmosphere in our home. And that is exactly what she did, “added Salazar. “The moment he laid eyes on her, he knew he had to have her in his life.”

Salazar mentioned several years after the passing of her spouse that her father had a seizure when he was driving a car. When the vehicle crashed in a location that was described by KRDO as being rural and not well-lit, Farah was with him at the time, and the dog ran away from the scene. According to reports from KRDO, even though Salazar stated that individuals had spotted Farah in the region over the past three months and taken photographs of her, they were unable to save her.

“She would flee if they got too close, and she was always prepared. She always knew where to escape. She was not to be found “Salazar was quoted as saying to the broadcaster.

She assisted the sheriff’s deputies in capturing Farah after the drone they were using saw the dog, and she added that they were eventually successful in luring her with a piece of chicken meat. She managed to get her head through the barbed wire fence, and the next thing I knew, she was sitting on my lap, I exclaimed, “I got her!”