Tim Allen denies flashing Pamela Anderson on Home Improvement.


Tim Allen denies flashing Pamela Anderson on Home Improvement. Before the release of her novel, Pamela Anderson discussed a horrific incident she claims occurred on the set of “Home Improvement” with her former co-star Tim Allen with Variety.

A preview of Anderson’s forthcoming tell-all memoir “Love, Pamela” was given to Variety, and in it, the actress claims that in 1991, when she was 23 and Allen was 37, he showed her his penis on the set of the program. As expected, he is refuting the claim.

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She recalled, “When I came out of my dressing room on the first day of filming, Tim was in the hallway wearing his robe.” “He threw back his robe and flashed me a short, bare glimpse. Since he had already seen me undressed, he felt it was only fitting. It’s now even between us. I burst out laughing awkwardly.

What needs to be clarified is when or how Allen saw Anderson without clothes.

Anderson has been in Playboy multiple times during her career, the first time being in 1989, a few years before the alleged incident.

In the statement, he emphatically stated, “No, it never happened.” A word like “I would never do that” is entirely out of character.

CNN has contacted his representatives to get Anderson’s side of the story.

In the ABC smash “Home Improvement,” Anderson starred as Lisa, the Tool Girl. Taylor, aka Tim “The Tool Man,” was Allen’s character.

She played lifeguard Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker for two seasons before leaving the show.

Anderson will also be the focus of a Netflix documentary called “Pamela, a love tale,” which will debut on the streaming service on the same day as her biography does, January 31.