Truth Social is now on the Google Play Store.


Truth Social is now on the Google Play Store. Google announced Wednesday that the social media app Truth Social, which was backed by former President Donald Trump, has been approved for the Google Play Store.

Truth Social can now be downloaded on Android phones through Google’s app store. This is because Truth Social changed its policies to make it easier to moderate the content.

Google had said before that Truth Social couldn’t be in its app store until it had policies that dealt with incitement to violence and threats of violence well enough. It also said that social media apps on the Google Play store must have a way to report offensive content right inside the app. (Some Android devices already had access to Truth Social from places other than Google, like the Samsung Galaxy store.)

A Google representative told CNN on Wednesday that these standards have now been met.

“Apps can be sold on Google Play as long as they follow our developer guidelines,” a Google spokesperson said. “This includes the need to effectively moderate user-generated content and take down posts that are offensive, like ones that encourage violence.”

Under Truth Social’s rules, if a user posts something that encourages violence, that post or the account that posted it “may” be removed from the site.

Google said that Truth Social has agreed to follow its rules against inciting people. Axios was the first to say that Truth Social had been approved.