US States Imran’s Sentence is a “Matter for Pakistani Courts”


US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller did not comment on former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision on Tuesday. Miller has repeatedly said in regular press conferences that legal proceedings against the former prime minister and PTI leader should be resolved by Pakistan.

“We are investigating the case against the former Secretary of State, but will not comment on the decision,” Miller repeated. He said the matter falls within the jurisdiction of Pakistani courts and that the United States respects the legal process. Miller reiterated the importance of respecting democratic standards, emphasizing the need to see that the democratic process encourages broad participation by all parties.

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In response to relevant questions, Miller explained that the United States maintains a neutral attitude toward Pakistan’s internal affairs and avoids the work of candidates for public office. He said: “We advocate free, fair, and open democracy and decisions on legal matters should be made by Pakistani courts.”

The speaker emphasized the importance of promoting democracy and human rights. and the importance of upholding democratic standards and human rights in Pakistan and international law. Miller stated that the USA wants free and fair elections and that they will monitor the election process between next week and 10 days. While he acknowledged that Pakistan has areas for improvement, he did not make a specific assessment of the current situation.

In the past, the US had declared its support for Pakistan’s “freedom” process but had not provided the “answers and nuts” of the general elections. Miller declined to comment on PTI’s “pre-election proclamation” accusations against the government, saying the United States is committed to supporting democracy and democracy in Pakistan.

Miller’s comments on Imran Khan’s sentence came after the former president was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the password case, followed by 14 years in the Toshakhana case. Imran and his wife Bushra Bibi were also banned from holding public office for the next 10 years and fined a total of Rs 157.40 million. The decisions come a week before elections scheduled for February 8.