Venus Angelic: The Inside Story Of The Living Doll


For her videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube, Venus Isabelle Palermo goes by the alias Venus Angelic. She was born to Swiss parents on February 8th, 1997, in Brugg. She later made a trip to London, England, but ultimately settled in Japan.

Popular culture has immortalized Venus Angelic’s doll-like features. Then her video “How to appear like a doll.” on YouTube went viral, leading her to the nickname “living doll.” In March of 2012, the video was widely shared online.

An overview of Venus Angelic’s professional life

Venus Angelic’s cover of Icona Pop’s pre-release single “I Love It” peaked at #71 on the UK Singles Chart a year after her YouTube video went viral.

Venus Angelic: The Inside Story Of The Living Doll

YouTuber Venus’s Divine Quest

Her video “How to Look like a Doll” went viral and has amassed over 16 million views, making her a household name among YouTubers.

Her videos on YouTube were quite normal for vloggers; she largely discussed cosmetics and how to get a doll-like appearance.

Venus Angelic’s entire brand is based on her gradual transformation into a porcelain doll via the years of material she has posted to her channel.

Her mother provided financial and organizational assistance for Venus Angelic’s YouTube channel and frequently accompanied her on promotional appearances.

Venus Angelic’s Private Life

At one point, Venus Angelic’s mother’s influence over her daughter’s YouTube channel appeared to be poisonous. The mother-daughter feud went public, and now Venus Angelic’s supporters are mocking her. Palermo left her mother’s home due to a rift in their relationship.

As a means to improve her health, Venus Angelic opted for bariatric surgery.

As time went on, Venus Angelic’s doll-like aesthetic became a serious obsession. At just eight and a half stones, Venus Angelic had weight loss surgery because she believed she was obese.

Born in London and raised in Japan, Venus Palermo claims to have contacted more than fifty medical professionals around the world before finding one who was prepared to perform the procedure.

The YouTube star and ‘living doll,’ whose channel name is “Venus Angelic,” traveled to South Korea to have the radical treatment, which involved liquidating 120cm of her intestines and sewing shut a portion of her stomach to make it more petite.

The first results of the surgery, she claims, were positive, and she was able to keep her weight down to 8 stone 4 pounds.

She hid the operation because she wanted to look “naturally small,” but a year later, she got really sick and couldn’t eat or drink anything.

She was admitted to the hospital after she lost just over six stone in weight due to her constant vomiting; doctors are now afraid for her life and are feeding her through a drip.

The stitches had broken, allowing food to enter the previously closed-off area of her stomach, necessitating immediate surgery.

‘It was horrible when the doctor came into my bed and told me we would need to have surgery,’ Venus, now 21 years old, recalled.

Venus had problems with her body image from a young age and once remarked that she felt sick and obese despite her thin appearance.

Venus hid her weight loss operation for nearly two years because she wanted people to believe that her slim figure was the result of natural selection.

Even her boyfriend didn’t know about the operation until she felt she had to reveal the true nature of her condition.

She hopes that by telling her tale, she will comfort other young women who are experiencing the same thing.

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Venus hopes that by sharing her experience, people who are unhappy with their bodies may think twice before taking drastic measures.

Love Life of Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic started seeing a Japanese man named Manaki Okada in 2014, the year she visited Japan. They began dating for several months, and the following year they tied the knot in a little ceremony.

As far as anyone can tell, the rupture in Venus Angelic and her mother’s connection was brought on by her daughter’s romantic involvement with her lover. Their marriage did not last, and they eventually went their separate ways.

Interesting Facts about Venus Angelic

  • Venus Angelic started her career on YouTube.
  • Makeup techniques and other beauty advice designed to make you seem like a doll were the focus of her videos.
  • She looks like a toddler or a doll while being 25 years old.
  • Venus Angelic’s YouTube channel and account were controlled by her mom.
  • She made her film debut as an extra in the Swiss production of Ready, Steady, Charlie! before she became a YouTube sensation.

Content on Venus Angelic Channel Suddenly Changes

After reportedly splitting up with her husband Manaki, Venus Angelic reportedly altered the tone of her channel. As time went on, Venus Angelic’s regular beauty vlog content shifted toward an adult demographic.

She abruptly changed the focus of her channel from makeup and beauty advice to advertising her ‘OnlyFans’ and other NSFW content, and the resulting confusion among her followers was quick and widespread. After opening up about her past abuse on her channel, she also began drinking.

A bit later, she made it public that she was signing up for OnlyFans. Her channel, “OnlyFans,” is popular among influencers like Venus Angelic because of its age restriction while nevertheless functioning similarly to Patreon and other adult subscription platforms.

Some of Venus’s younger fans felt alienated by the sudden shift in tone, and the YouTuber received criticism for alienating them.

Why did Venus abandon the Venus name, and what exactly happened to her?

Venus’s original material was purportedly under her mother’s control.

A video Venus made called “How to Look Like a Doll” has gone viral and amassed over 16 million views. While Venus’s channel initially featured more traditional vlogger fare like what she ate in a day and Japanese-inspired videos, it has since shifted its focus to how to achieve a doll-like appearance via makeup and beauty techniques.

This became her full brand, and much of her content throughout the years was centered on making herself look more like a porcelain doll. To further the doll-like impression she was going for, she’d sometimes alter her voice to sound more tween-like.

Venus’s mother oversaw and marketed all of this content throughout the years she created it, and she frequently accompanied Venus on promotional appearances.

Venus Angelic: The Inside Story Of The Living Doll

Fans eventually called her mother out when they saw that she looked to have an unhealthy level of control over Venus’s material. Venus eventually left her mother’s home, presumably marrying her longtime boyfriend Manaki.

But now that she’s divorced and living on her own, she can do whatever she wants with her content.

Many of her viewers celebrate her newfound independence as they see her shift to OnlyFans.

Venus’s content began to take a more mature tone after she finalized her divorce from her mother and ex-husband. In her videos, she no longer maintained the doll-like persona she had built up for so long; instead, she discussed her abusive past and admitted to drinking on camera.

Venus Angelic then declared that she would create an OnlyFans account not long after. Despite its similarities to Patreon and other subscription platforms, OnlyFans is most recognized as a place where influencers can share content that may not be appropriate for all audiences due to its age limit.

Many of her fans complained that her posts increasingly focused on her OnlyFans. She had maintained an innocent persona during her time on the internet, and this caused concern among her audience.

Despite the concerns of her fans, Venus herself seems to approve of her recent output. Some of her followers believe that, after years of having her work censored by her mother, this is her way of regaining control over her creative output.

She’s managed to persuade her audience that she’s content with her career path and the work she’s producing.