Virgil van Dijk notifies Sadio Mane of his World Cup injury


Virgil van Dijk notifies Sadio Mane of his World Cup injury and sends him a message. Vigil van Dijk sympathizes with Sadio Mane since he experienced the same level of sadness by missing Euro 2020.

Mane will be out of Senegal’s opening World Cup game against van Dijk’s Holland on Monday due to a leg injury, according to the national football association.

Van Dijk has spoken to his former Liverpool friend, and he understands how heartbreaking it must be to miss a major competition due to injury. The defensive colossus, who missed Euro 2020 due to a serious knee injury, responded, “Of course, I’ve spoken to him.”

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“I was first and foremost sad for him. I have been in a circumstance when I missed the Euros, therefore I’m not happy in this case. “I know for a fact that he will put a brave face on it, but it’s tough and I feel sad for him,” the player said. “We as players, work so hard to get to this stage and he has been such a key role in that group, for their country. They still have a great team, but I doubt he will play. Although we will be well-prepared for them, the competition will be challenging throughout.

Van Dijk is eager to compete in his first World Cup at the age of 31, and he claims his disappointment in Euro 2020 makes it even more significant. In what will be his first major tournament, the captain of Holland will make his 50th appearance against Senegal.

Van Dijk believes that Louis van Gaal’s team, who advanced to the semifinals in 2014 while playing for Manchester United, has the ideal combination to succeed in Qatar.

“Considering what I’ve gone through, perhaps it’s even better for me. I’m really excited about it because we have a great group as well.

“There’s a wonderful blend here. I don’t believe our team is as inexperienced as everyone is portraying it to be, and we have players who compete at the greatest level for the top clubs worldwide. I’m a confident captain, and with the talent we have, we can succeed, but Senegal is all that’s on our minds right now.