Walking Down The Bridges Of Johnson City With Chintan k Patel


Have you ever been on a huge stretch of road which promised no ending but a vast stretch of forest on either side? Well, if it is your dream, it is the reality of Chintan k Patel! The beauty of nature will always be enough to engulf a person who is looking for some diversion from the day-to-day monotony. In fact, there is always a time in our lives when we wish to become close with nature and alter some portions of our lives which no longer give us the stem of commitment. Chintan Patel here has grabbed the opportunity to be close to nature and establish the bond of strength with Mother Nature!

Sporty Attire Taken By Chintan Patel

With the perfect light grey formal pants and black shirt, Chintan Patel is seen to be standing on the ledge of the bridge in Johnson City. Johnson City is one of the most famous places in the United States of America as it has the perfect correlation with the modernity of human civilization and has not left the roots which are stuck with the strong Appalachian Mountains. One may look at the vast sky behind Patel in this image but what really catches the eye is the vast stretch of the mountainous forest behind it.

Beautiful Serenity Of The Vast Mountain And Forest Stretches

Chintan Patel

The calmness and serenity of the region bring each of the elements which are present in nature. It seems like Patel had hopped down from this mode of travel on the road and just marveled at the beauty of nature. As if this was not enough, since nature’s beauty can never be enough, Patel decided to lock his memory with the natural surroundings forever. A single image also sheds light on the adventurous spirit of this young man who had taken the stride to explore the beauty of Mother Nature even if it meant stopping on an endeavor.

It is the prime time for the millennial generation to cultivate the thoughts like Chintan Patel. The younger generation has turned out to be so busy in their own menial tasks that they have stopped to observe the beauty which is around them. It is also often forgotten that our real strength lies within the forces of nature. We have to stare deep into the vast stretches of natural beauty if at any point in life we think that our lives have become stagnant. This might mean stopping out of nowhere in Johnson City to capture a glimpse at nature!

Having A Close Affinity With Nature!

Chintan Patel has often shown his close affinity with the natural elements in most of the images on his Instagram handle as well. He inspires the people of his age to look more into one’s inner worth and design the perfection within oneself with a true sense of nature. Nature is always beckoning human beings to stay in touch with one another and make sure that they do not lose their ancient roots. Chintan Patel has done justice to this chain of thoughts! It is expected that the ones inspired by his force of life will gain inspiration from the same! 

Instagram: Chintan Patel