What is invisible ink on iPhone Hide your Text Messages


what is invisible ink on iPhone? The iPhone Invisible Ink is a feature of the iPhone that has a one-of-a-kind function that enables users to conceal their discussions whenever they so desire using their iPhone. When sending texts in public or while utilizing public transportation, this functionality of sending texts in invisible ink can be incredibly helpful.

People who don’t want people looking over their shoulders at work or when they’re riding the train will find this to be an excellent solution.

What is invisible ink on iPhone?

According to Bustle, the function that is native to Apple products is referred to as Invisible Ink, and it does not require the installation of any additional software.

The text that is displayed on the screen is obscured whenever a user sends a message using Invisible Ink. Users are only able to see the message if they tap and maintain their pressure on it.

Someone looking over their shoulder would only see blank messages, as was demonstrated in a viral video that was uploaded to TikTok not too long ago.

In addition to that, it gives users the ability to send amusing surprises to their friends in the form of GIFs and memes. It is even possible to utilize it in a conversation with other people to talk about spoilers for television shows or movies without ruining anyone’s experience.

The bad news is that the capability can only be used using the iMessage component of Apple’s Messages program. Because of this, users of WhatsApp won’t be able to access this particular function within the app.

How to use Invisible Ink on iPhone

The procedures that need to be taken in order to use the invisible ink function offered by Apple are outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • To get started, navigate to Messages and initiate a discussion with a contact using iMessage.
  • After then, you can begin entering any message you like, exactly as any other user would.
  • Instead of tapping the Send button, you should instead hold it down with your finger.
  • Because of the action you just took, a menu that was previously concealed will now be visible.
  • Users of the iPhone will see a picker bar on the right that contains a variety of options.
  • Users may choose the choice located at the bottom, which is Invisible Ink.
  • Make your selection, and then click the Send button.
  • After the user taps on the notification, they will continue to see it for a few seconds.
  • It will gradually lose visibility, and iPhone users will need to press it once more before it reappears.
  • Both iPhone users will need to press separate portions of the message in order to unlock the complete text message and access it for longer texts.

How can i send Invisible Ink text from my phone?

You need to disable the Reduce Motion slider if the Invisible Ink option does not show up in your Messages app. To turn off/white the slider, go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion.

Only those with an iOS device running iOS 10 or later can get message effects. If you see a green arrow instead of a blue one, either you don’t have iMessage turned on or the person you’re contacting doesn’t have an iOS device. By going to Settings > Messages, you may enable iMessage. Turn on/green the iMessage slider by tapping it.

In iOS 10, Apple included a number of new messaging capabilities, including animated effects in the Messages app and the ability to transmit invisible ink. By using the Invisible Ink function, you may conceal your writing behind dynamic pixels that are blurry. By erasing the invisible ink with their finger to disclose the secret text, the recipient of your text may read your message. In iOS 10 or later, follow these steps to send an invisible ink text message.

  1. Like you typically would in the Messages app, start by typing the message you wish to send.
  2. The “Send with effect” screen will appear once you tap and hold the blue arrow in the text box.
  3. To send the message, choose INVISIBLE INK and then press the blue arrow.

iPhone Invisible Ink

The “invisible ink” feature of the iPhone does not cause the user’s texts to vanish. This is in no way comparable to Snapchat.

Anyone who peeks over another user’s shoulder won’t be able to see the user’s text, but other users can easily take a screenshot of the invisible ink message by moving their finger over it while simultaneously taking a screenshot of it.

How iOS 10’s invisible ink functions

A message written with invisible ink is not lost once it is sent. They are simple to preserve for the receiver. When you rub invisible ink, the image or message on your screen becomes evident after it had been obscured.

Your messages won’t vanish if you use invisible ink on an iPhone

In no way resembles Snapchat. While a person standing behind you won’t be able to view your text, you can simply capture the invisible ink message by sliding your finger over it and taking a snapshot at the same time.

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If invisible ink is ineffective

There is a quick solution! Here’s a troubleshooting guide.

Enter Settings, select General, and then select Accessibility. The “reduce motion” feature, which helps preserve battery life, is likely active. However, you cannot lessen motion in the user interface if you wish to employ invisible ink. That complete motion is necessary. Tap it. Yours is the invisible ink.

Why Isn’t Invisible Ink Available on My iPhone?

The Invisible Ink feature is not available if you have an iPhone 7 or any other device that is more recent and uses iOS 10 or later. Most likely, your decreased motion settings are on. The stages are as follows in this situation:

  • Click “Settings” on your home screen.
  • Continually scroll down and choose “Accessibility”.
  • Select “Motion.”
  • By moving the button-like element at the end of the motion symbol, you may turn off the decreased motion.

Apple’s Invisible Ink With iOS 10

According to CNBC, with Apple’s iOS 10, iPhone users may be able to do a lot with their other programs without even leaving the messaging ecosystem. This is a notion that is already incredibly popular in places such as China, where WeChat was responsible for popularizing the concept.

Since the release of iOS 10, Apple has included a function in the operating system that allows users to write in invisible ink.

In iOS 10, the mobile software prowess of the tech giant is put to the test against popular messaging applications such as Facebook and Snapchat. Because of this, users can anticipate some innovative new texting options being made available to them.

The new Bubble Effects can be found in Apple’s Messages app, which is the company’s text messaging software. When iOS 10 was introduced on September 13, consumers were given access to a whole host of new features to try out, including the new capabilities.

Invisible ink is yet another way for Apple customers to keep their most private communications hidden from prying eyes. This is not a new concept; social media sites like Snapchat have long been known for their stealth messaging capabilities. Apple’s addition of the invisible ink feature is yet another way for Apple customers to keep their most private communications hidden from prying eyes.

Nevertheless, what sets invisible ink apart is the manner in which it accomplishes its purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages of Invisible Ink


  • All of the most recent iPhones already have it loaded.
  • It is simple to get there.
  • Encourages privacy
  • It’s free.
  • Enables the sending of word messages, pictures, videos, and GIFs.


  • Only iPhone users may utilize it.
  • The message starts to fade after a short while, making the receiver scan the letters with their finger.
  • The receiver may download or take a snapshot of the text.
  • When you have an internet connection, this functionality only functions.

Last words

iPhones contain a tonne of functions, and it might take people years to learn how to use them. The Invisible Ink is one such feature that is hidden inside the iMessages app. Even if you’ve had an iPhone for years, it’s possible that you’ve never used any of the iMessage capabilities.

You may communicate with pals who also own Apple devices by using Invisible Ink to send them invisible messages. Weirdnewsera recommends you to read all content about sport, entertainment, science and many more.

You may animate your texts in addition to sending unseen messages to your pals. If you wish to send a secret text to someone in a busy place, the Invisible Ink function might be useful. You won’t need to download any additional software because it is already incorporated in all iPhones running iOS 10.


Is any other software required to use the Invisible Ink feature?

No, anyone with an iPhone running iOS 10 or later may use the Invisible Ink function.

How do you read texts written in invisible ink?

The majority of texts written with invisible ink may be read by heating the paper that they are printed on. The message discolours (burns) before the rest of the paper because the ink weakens the paper’s fibres.

What does iMessage’s invisible ink mean?

Invisible Ink Messages The Invisible Ink feature in iMessage allows iOS users to obfuscate the content of their messages. According to Apple, secret messages may be communicated using invisible ink that the recipient must swipe to expose.