What is the Best Bounce House Material? Where to Buy a Premium Bounce House


What is the Best Bounce House Material? Where to Buy a Premium Bounce House

The material is one of the most critical factors when choosing a bounce house, whether it is a dinosaur bounce house or a unicorn inflatable. Quality materials will provide better durability, making your bounce house last longer and ensuring children’s safety while they play. When selecting a premium bounce house material, look for sturdy and durable materials, such as those made with reinforced PVC, commercial-grade PVC vinyl, heavy-duty vinyl, etc. Here we will shed light on common bounce house materials and help you purchase a high-quality bounce house.

What is the Best Bounce House Material? Where to Buy a Premium Bounce House?

What Defines a High-Quality Bounce House

A high-quality bounce house will provide your children with a safe and enjoyable experience. 

  • The best bounce house material should be sturdy that securely withstand regular use and exposure to the elements. 
  • The premium bouncy castle should also include strong and durable anchor loops or ground stakes to anchor it firmly in the ground. 
  • The sides and top of the bounce house should also be made of soft mesh netting for added protection and ventilation. 
  • The bounce house should be equipped with a blower with Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit (GFIC) on/off plug. This device will automatically shut off the power to the unit if it captures an imbalance in the electrical current. 

What is the Best Bounce House Material

When shopping for a bounce house, it’s essential to consider the material used in its construction. Heavy-duty nylon and commercial-grade PVC vinyl are two of the more common materials used in construction. if you are interested in How to sell your house without a realtor in California then you must lick on this link.  Oxford cloth is also a popular choice. Let’s delve into their features.

  • Heavy-duty nylon:  Heavy-duty nylon is the most commonly used bounce house material. Despite mildew resistance, Nylon absorbs more water than other materials, being hard to know whether the bounce house is dry.
  • Oxford cloth:  Oxford cloth is a unique polyester fabric that is very flexible and durable. With its lightweight and water-proof feature, this material is ideal for residential bounce houses. However, oxford cloth can’t be fixed and must be changed once it is torn.
  • Commercial-grade PVC vinyl:  Commercial-grade PVC vinyl is designed for excellent resistance to wear and tear. It is the most durable among the three materials, making it perfect for commercial bounce houses. However, this durable material is heavier, making bounce houses with this material hard to set up and store. Thus, it is not a recommendable material for residential bounce houses. 

Obviously, commercial-grade PVC material is the most durable bounce house material. However, its heaviness and inconveniences make it hard to be the option for residential bounce houses. For families looking for a residential bounce house with durability and lightweight, is there such a bounce house per their needs?

What is the Best Bounce House Material? Where to Buy a Premium Bounce House?

Where to Buy a Residential Bouncer Made of the Best Bounce House Material

If you want a backyard bounce house made of high-quality material without compromising lightweight, we recommend buying from Action Air Bounce Houses. They are designed with your safety in mind and made to last. The bouncers are made from commercial-grade material and offer superior durability, allowing children to enjoy the bounce house safely. Apart from commercial-grade material, their products are also made of puncture-resistant materials with reinforced seams, coupled with high stakes to ensure the bouncer stays secure. Additionally, they use a specialized air blower to ensure the bouncer inflates quickly and stays increased for hours without any issues.

With their competitive bouncy castle price and easy-to-use online ordering system, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best deal and product quality. So check out Action Air to select the suitable bounce house size for your next backyard/residential bounce house. You won’t be disappointed!

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