What is the real price of a Chevy Silverado EV?


What is the real price of a Chevy Silverado EV? After almost a year of teasing, Chevrolet finally showed off the Chevy Silverado EV, its first truck that runs on electricity alone. The Chevy Silverado EV is a “category-defying, boundary-breaking game changer” in the electric pickup market, according to the company that makes it.

If you want to buy one, you can find out everything you need to know about it below, like what it looks like and how much it costs.

Electric parts are added to the Silverado.

GM is preparing its best-selling truck for a future where it will only run on electricity as the company changes its fleet to meet the growing demand for zero-emission vehicles.

The Silverado started out as the top trim level for GM’s C/K trucks, but it became so popular that it got its own line. Since then, the truck has had a number of improvements and facelifts to keep up with the times (more durable, lighter, and a focus on efficiency).

The fan-favorite truck has spread from the U.S. to places like the Middle East, Venezuela, Mexico, and Chile, where people are looking for trucks that are durable and good for many different uses.

What you should know about the new electric truck from Chevy

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, so the Silverado is getting another modern update. The electric Silverado from Chevy will be built on GM’s Ultium platform, which was made specifically for electric vehicles.

Steve Hill, who is the vice president of Chevrolet, talks about how important the platform will be. He says:

The Ultium Platform is a key part of bringing pickup truck performance to the next level for both fleet and retail customers, whether they already own a Silverado or are thinking about buying one for the first time.

At first, the Silverado EV will come in two models: the RST and the WT (work truck) edition. More trims are likely to be added to the lineup, though. Chevy has also hinted at a possible Trail Boss edition (shown below), but we don’t know the price or other details.

Chevy made a special Silverado EV RST First Edition that cost more than $105,000 and sold out almost as soon as it came out. But the new versions will be much cheaper because the automaker wants to make electric trucks more popular.

Cost, specs, and features of the Chevy Silverado EV

Chevy says that its Silverado EV still has all the power and capability that people expect from a Chevy truck, but it doesn’t put out any pollution. This is what the electric pickup truck will have:

You can pull up to 10,000 lbs.

Up to 10.2kW of power on board

GM said that a full charge would take the car 400 miles.

With up to 664 horsepower and more than 780 lb-ft of torque, the car can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds (in available max power Wide Open Watts Mode).

All models will have a tow/haul mode, trailer hitch parts, and a brake controller for the trailer. Also, they will be able to charge quickly with DC power (up to 350kW), which GM says can add about 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.

How much do other EV packages for the Chevy Silverado cost?

As of now, these are the only two Silverado EV trims that Chevy has shown off and given information about. Even though the company has shown pictures of a Trail Boss version, we still don’t know how much it will cost or what it will be like.

As production capacity grows, the car company says it will “unleash the full Silverado EV portfolio.” Depending on the options and features, the MSRP will be between $50,000 and $60,000. $70,000, and over $80,000.