What Is the Thinnest TV?


What Is the Thinnest TV? The international television set market has witnessed many technological advancements throughout the years.

The difference between the earliest enormous black-and-white TV boxes and the most recent 78-inch 8K QLED Smart TVs keeps growing wider, while the entertainment they provide keeps getting more satisfying.

In this piece, we will investigate the world’s thinnest televisions of 2022 and the factors contributing to their overall desirability as a purchase.

What Is the Thinnest TV?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosts an annual world fair in which the leading innovators of out-of-the-box technological and scientific advancements convene to present their most recent ground-breaking creations. This is where we learn about the most recent developments in television technology.

In 1928, the world’s first official television also referred to as “the box TV,” was introduced. But things weren’t going to stay that way for long. The size of televisions, as well as their picture quality, intelligent sound outputs, adaptive color display fidelity, and remarkable multitasking functionality, gradually improved throughout the years.

What Is the Thinnest TV?

Talk about being able to accomplish multiple things at once: the classic television sets we use in our homes quickly become a shadow of what televisions represent in homes today.

We’re at the point where we’re discussing nano TVs, folding TVs, and even art TVs.

How thin are today’s TVs?

  1. LG WX 65″ class wallpaper TV with 4K OLED screen AI thinQ
  2. Samsung The Frame LS03T 65″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV
  3. Xiaomi Mi TV 4 LED Smart TV
  4. LG W8 signature picture in wall OLED TV
  5. LG GX 77″ Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV
  6. Samsung Neo 65″ Class QN900A QLED 8K Smart TV.
  7. Sony BRAVIA KD-55X9000C 55 Inch LED 4K TV
  8. LG signature R OLED rollable TV.
  9. Sony XBR 65A9G 4K UHD OLED TV

LG and Samsung are currently the leading producers of ultra-thin televisions worldwide. However, there is no question that LG’s slim televisions have been reliable in their better performance in all aspects.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of today’s most cutting-edge ultra-thin televisions, shall we?

1. LG WX 65″ Class wallpaper TV with 4K OLED screen AI thinQ

This incredible work of art certainly deserves to be included first on our list.

The LG WX 65″ Class wallpaper TV is a Super slim AI thinQ integrated Smart TV and is the company’s flagship model.

There are just a few other televisions that can reliably boast slimmer frames than this one, which has a width of 0.15 inches.

It features an A9 Gen 3 4K AI processor with AI picture and sound Pro for upscaling, much like the other LG OLED TVs in the series, and it also has self-lit pixels, just like the other models.

With LG thinQ AI, you also get built-in support for Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as fully upgraded Dolby vision HDR 10 and HLG support.

The LG WX 65 Class wallpaper TV is built to provide you with wallpaper display effects while the TV is in idle mode. When the TV is in standby mode, it will automatically transform the screen into a blank canvas on which you may show artwork and photographs of your choosing, transforming your living room into an art gallery or studio.

2. Samsung The Frame LS03T 65″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV

There is little doubt that this Samsung trademark Wallpaper TV, which measures barely 1.8 inches, is one of a kind.

They are packed with one-of-a-kind features such as compatibility with HDR 10, a 240 motion rate sensor, Airplay 2, connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and other wireless networks, and access to the Samsung Smart hub.

The Samsung frame is one of the best options available to you for spectacular streaming artworks while in standby mode and intelligent art modes. When you have the Samsung Art Store in your living room, there is no longer any need to go out of your way to attend an art gallery.

3. Xiaomi Mi TV 4 LED Smart TV

After much anticipation, Xiaomi finally released its fourth-generation Mi TV in 2017. The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 comes out on top when the topic of ultra-thin televisions is brought up. It has a 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) LED display, full high dynamic range (HDR) support, Dolby Audio, and DTS-HD enabled, and it is only 4.9 millimeters thick. In addition, it includes wireless communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for mobile devices.

Patch wall, Xiaomi’s operating system, is pre-installed on the Xiaomi Mi TV 4, so you can enjoy a never-ending supply of entertainment on your smart television.

4. LG W8 signature picture in wall OLED TV

The LG W8 Picture-in-wall OLED TV features an uncomplicated style, and it is constructed with a fantastic A9 processor, which presents a whole HDR theatre experience.

Movie marathons and marathon gaming sessions are much more enjoyable with Dolby Atmos integrated Sound speakers.

It is equipped, much like every other OLED TV, with self-lit pixels that have anti-glare technology, which improves the viewing experience in gloomy rooms while still allowing for a lovely view in very bright light.

The W8 Picture-in-wall trademark OLED TV is an excellent example of a 4K upscale television with realistic color accuracy Pro.

5. LG GX 77″ Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV

The LG GX series is responsible for constructing some of the most impressively thin TVs available today. This stunning screen, which measures barely 0.9 inches in height, brings your digital creative creations to vibrant life. It has a brilliant 4K display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and an A9 processor from the third generation.

You can also take advantage of voice command features thanks to the built-in Alexa integration that Wisa installed.

What Is the Thinnest TV?

Even though it does not support the LG art store, you can buy the artwork designs you want from any other source and then use your TV as a digital picture frame when it is in standby mode.

6. Samsung Neo 65″ Class QN900A QLED 8K Smart TV.

If you are a true fan of all that Samsung offers, then you won’t be let down by this incredible super slender 1″ Smart TV.

The true definition of digital art packed into this ultra-thin TV is a Quantum Matrix that has been beefed up with 32x HDR picture enhancement.

The audio output is accurate and sensitive to track moving objects, in addition to a staggering 8K picture quality.

This Samsung product is ideal for serious gamers and movie buffs and is highly recommended.

7. Sony BRAVIA KD-55X9000C 55 Inch LED 4K TV

Now, let’s look at some of the other televisions vying to be the thinnest on the market today.

The picture quality of the Sony Bravia 55-inch Smart TV is up to 4K resolution, and it also supports 3D viewing.

This incredible Sony game changer also features support for Wi-Fi direct, Bravia sync, WebOS, webcam, and screencasting capabilities, and it maintains a 16:9 aspect ratio throughout.

The LED screen, supported with backlight improvement, is the only constraint.

8. LG signature R OLED rollable TV

It is almost as if LG says, “Hey, we’re not done yet. The first-ever OLED R rollable TV from LG transports us into the future by fifty years, with an ultra-slim panel that measures just 0.2 inches.

This fantastic television blends design and architecture with artistic and entertainment pursuits. It is undoubtedly worth the one hundred thousand dollars that will be required to install one in your home; talk about the pinnacle of luxury electronics!

You can enjoy a TV screen with striking HDR realism on OLED 4K self-lit pixels in addition to Dolby surround sound when you purchase this stunning piece of technology.

In addition, it has a total length of 65 inches, an A9 CPU, an auto low latency mode (ALLM) that clocks at 120 Hz, Nvidia G-sync, and AMD free-sync compatibility. The gaming community will be pleased to learn this new information.

The LG R OLED Smart TV provides you with three different viewing modes. A complete view mode uses the full 65 inches of the display to show information, a line view mode shows only the most essential information while music is playing, and a roll-up manner conceals the entire screen by rolling it up into the bottom part. This OLED Smart TV was created to make a bold statement.

9. Sony XBR 65A9G 4K UHD OLED TV

For those who enjoy gaming and watching movies, the Sony A9G Smart TV series is known for providing faultless picture quality in HDR.

It comes preloaded with eARC and Android TV and features enhancements such as native Dolby vision, an excellent 120Hz, dynamic refresh rate, and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate.

The Sony A9G series was able to make it onto our list because of its remarkable performance in low-light environments and wide viewing angles.

You now have access to the world’s thinnest televisions, which are available on the market.

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