Why Doesn’t all of us need Lamar Jackson?


Any team within the NFL who’s wanted a quarterback like Lamar Jackson could have an actual Lamar Jackson through the subsequent week—for a charge. On Tuesday, inside today’s act of what feels like a gradual, contentious divorce, the Baltimore Ravens positioned the non-exceptional franchise tag at the 2019 MVP. That tag, coming after the expiration of Jackson’s first seasoned settlement, continues him away from all-out loose enterprise, but it is also as susceptible a signal the group should send that they want to preserve him in crimson.


Jackson would make about $32.5 million this coming season on the tag—around $13 million less than what a unique franchise tag would value—however he now has the proper to pay attention contract gives from other groups. The Ravens might have five days to healthy any offer he gets, or take two first-spherical picks as compensation.

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The Ravens and Jackson keep failing to satisfy the opposite’s eye on a long-term extension—Jackson desires big guaranteed cash whilst the team seems to think about its cornerstone QB greater like a high-usage strolling back. but masses of other franchises have spent years or a long time trying to find a quarterback as powerful as Lamar at his exceptional. Opening up Raven’s impasse to other bidders may want to—should—result in so many thrilling developments: a bidding war, a rival sending in a suggestion sheet, even simply the fun of breathless, swirling rumors approximately Jackson’s destiny.