Why Elon Musk Will Never Allow Alex Jones Back on Twitter


Why Elon Musk Will Never Allow Alex Jones Back on Twitter, On Sunday, someone questioned Elon Musk about allowing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones back on Twitter. And it’s a fair question, given all the other outcasts Musk has recently let back onto the Bird app. Alex Jones was banned from the social media network in 2018, but Musk responded in a very personal manner, saying that he will never be permitted to use it again.

Right-wing author Sam Harris and expert shit-stirrer Kim Dotcom asked the question regarding allowing Jones to rejoin the military.

“Alex screwed Sandy Hook up. Dotcom tweeted, “He admitted that and apologized,” disregarding that Jones later declared he did not wish to apologize for claiming the mass shooting was a hoax during his defamation trial.

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“He also correctly predicted a lot of ‘conspiracy theories. Alex Jones should be permitted on Twitter if convicted liars like Biden and Trump are. For the sake of free speech, kindly think again,” said Dotcom.

Musk, however, made it clear that he would not be convinced to give Jones a platform to speak from.

“In my arms, my firstborn child passed away. I sensed his final heartbeat. Musk’s tweet states, “I do not pity anyone who would utilize the lives of children for greed, politics, or fame.

Nevada Alexander, Musk’s first kid, was born to his wife, Justine Musk, in 2002. Nevada suffered from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, and died at ten weeks.

Families of victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where twenty children and six staff members were slain in 2012, sued Jones for slander. Jones had referred to the shooting as a whole fiction involving “crisis actors” who were merely playing the victim.

; Jason Calacanis also addressed the decision to keep Jones out of the company venture financier Musk hired to help run it.

And that’s all it is, people! I think Alex Jones is pure evil, making it the most straightforward case for any platform to decide.

$1.4 billion in verdicts in various American jurisdictions, where speech almost invariably triumphs over victim misery, said, Calacanis.

Why did Calacanis say it was merely his opinion of Jones so quickly? Most likely because Musk was irritated with Calacanis for giving himself too much credit for the recent developments at Twitter.

Right-wing influencers on the network were not pleased with the decision to maintain Jones’ suspension. Tim Pool, a YouTube star and Trump supporter, seems upset that Musk wouldn’t allow Jones to rejoin Twitter.

After Musk’s answer, Pool responded on Twitter, “It’s personal.”

What connection can third-party statements make to Twitter’s policies? We either live by the whims of billionaires, which is the case, or there are objective rules,” Pool continued.

Musk has described himself as a “free speech absolutist” in the past, but it’s become increasingly apparent that either he doesn’t fit that description or doesn’t know what it means. According to the theory of free speech absolutism, anyone who lied about a well-known incident like the Sandy Hook massacre would be permitted to continue saying such things. According to the libertarian perspective on speech, the best defense against “bad speech” is more speech.

Trump was banned from Twitter for two years, but Musk, who paid $44 billion for it with several co-investors, publicly welcomed him back this weekend. The former president has not tweeted yet and claims he has no plans to do so in the future. In fact, given his arrangement with his own social media company, Truth Social, it’s even unclear whether Trump is allowed to use Twitter.

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and other users whose accounts had been suspended returned to the network over the weekend. The rapper lately revealed himself as a vicious anti-Semite with several meandering tirades against Jews. On the platform, though, Ye and Musk were hanging out on Sunday.