World Cup 2022: After Japans victory over Germany, the crowd cleans the venue


World Cup 2022: After Japans victory over Germany, the crowd cleans the venue, Japan’s supporters showed that the best manners and habits are ingrained, no matter the circumstance, despite the magnitude of their victory over Germany that might have led them to celebrate late into the night.

The stands of sporting arenas are typically covered in used food trays, wrappers, and empty drink cups at halftime, waiting to be picked up by someone else. not though, not with the Samurai Blue in town.

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Their players had just left the field after defeating the four-time champions 2-1 in their World Cup opener when the Japanese spectators at Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar stopped the festivities to clean up after themselves.

They did the same at the World Cup in Russia four years ago, most notably following a 3-2 loss to Belgium in the round of 16, and they did it once more on Sunday during the opening game of the 2022 tournament between hosts Qatar and Ecuador, a game in which their team wasn’t involved.

In Japan, maintaining cleanliness is ingrained in people’s minds since they are young. According to Scott North, a sociology professor at Osaka University, tidying up is one way Japanese people “demonstrate pride in their way of life,” he told the BBC in 2018.

“Cleaning up after football games is an extension of fundamental behavior that is taught in school, where the children clean their school hallways and classrooms,” he said.

On Sunday, Japan’s next Group E match is against Costa Rica; on Thursday, Spain plays. However, their supporters are already winners even if they don’t take home the World Cup.