How to make a YouTube clips and share the most interesting parts of a video.


YouTube clips: How to cut and share the best parts of YouTube videos? Clips, a new addition to YouTube, has been announced. Although it is still in beta, this function will soon make it possible to trim YouTube videos and live streams into more manageable chunks. Learn the ins and outs of uploading and sharing videos on YouTube with this comprehensive guide.

What are YouTube clips?

YouTube, which is owned by Google, stated that both content creators and consumers have expressed a need for a straightforward method to record and share little snippets of movies or live streams with others. As a consequence of this, it is now testing a clipping function on YouTube, and the testing will begin on January 28, 2021.

YouTube clips: How to cut and share the best parts of YouTube videos?

However, the testing will first only be conducted with a select set of creators. Since then, it has been made available to a significantly greater number of channels and creators.

Have you ever found yourself laughing at a time that lasted only ten seconds in a video that was thirty minutes or however long it was on YouTube? In the past, in order to share your happiness with other people and have them share it with you as well, you had to send them the complete YouTube video, possibly with the exact timestamp contained in the URL.

However, that is quite difficult. Do you know what would be even better? Taking the humorous segment, editing it out, and then posting it on all of your preferred social networks is all that’s required. That is something that can be accomplished using YouTube clips.

How do you create and share YouTube clips?

YouTube users, whether they are creators or spectators, have the ability to make their own clips by selecting the “new clips” icon that is located below the video player, in between the “thumbs down” and “share” buttons. Keep in mind that the feature is only available on desktop computers, iPhone, and Android devices at this time. Please proceed in the following manner:

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  1. Launch YouTube on your computer or through the mobile app, and ensure that you are signed in.
  2. Begin watching a video right away.
  3. If Clips is accessible, you will notice an icon labeled “Clips” in the bar that is located beneath the video.
  4. Choose it, and then pick a portion of the video from which you want to create a clip.
  5. After you have given the clip a title, click the “Share Clip” button.
  6. Your preferred way of sharing can be selected by selecting either the social network, embedding, email, or copy option.

The length of a video clip on YouTube might range anywhere from five to sixty seconds. YouTube will produce a new URL address for the clip you create whenever you trim a video or live stream on the platform. You have the option of copying the clip, embedding it, or sending it through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. You can even email it.

Do you want to try clipping on your own?

You may get the additional information and perhaps give clipping a try for yourself by watching this video. Just keep in mind that for the time being, PC and Android users are restricted to a select group of producers.

Is there a way to disable the Clips feature on my channel?

YouTube clips: How to cut and share the best parts of YouTube videos?

Yes, you can. Simply visit, log in to your YouTube Studio page, click ‘Settings,’ then ‘Channel,’ and finally ‘Advanced Settings,’ and follow the on-screen instructions. You will find a setting titled “Don’t allow viewers to clip my content” in the “Clips” section of the video editor. If you select that, clips will no longer appear on any of your videos.

Do you have some feedback for us?

YouTube has asked beta testers to use this website in order to provide their feedback. It intends to update this site if it obtains new information on the availability of clips that it can share with readers.


What is the best way to embed a specific scene from a YouTube video?

Specifically, three options exist. Here’s how, on a desktop computer, you may embed a link to a specified time within a YouTube video.

Does YouTube allow you to take out specific segments?

Launch YouTube (on mobile or desktop) and ensure that you are logged in. Get started with the video. If Clips is supported, the ‘Clips’ icon will appear in the video’s sub-menu. Click it, and then pick the video segment you wish to extract.

Video clips on YouTube are what?

Quick and Dirty Tips for Watching Videos on YouTube

YouTube’s new video clips feature makes it easy for users to share and view short snippets of lengthier movies and live feeds. Clips might be as little as 5 seconds or as long as 60 seconds.