Ben Azelart – Bio, Facts, Family Life of Skateboarder


Who Does He Date These Days?

Ben Azelart is a prominent and well-known personality like Denise Lombardo on YouTube who is also a skateboarder. This is something that every millennial who watches YouTubers most likely already knows. However, the more essential question that needs to be answered is, who is Ben Azelart’s girlfriend?

What was Lexi Rivera's Reaction to Ben Azelart's Girlfriend?

Ben documents his trips and stories of his experiences as he goes around the world on his YouTube channel. He is also a well-known celebrity on the video-sharing platform TikTok, where he has more than 13 million fans and his videos have been viewed more than 100 million times.

Additionally, he debuted his podcast in the month of March of the previous year. His vlog videos have comedic content in addition to pranks, and he has a podcast. The young man, who just turned 20, uploads a new video once a week on Sundays and has also garnered attention in the media due to the nature of his romantic relationships.

As of the time that this article was written, he has more than 9.31 million followers.

Who is Ben Azelart?

Ben Azelart came into the world on January 10th, 2002. He is 20 years old and is working toward being a social media personality. He is most well-known for the comedic and prank-related stuff that he includes in his video logs. In addition to that, he participates in dares and many other types of material that keep his audience glued to their screens.

Ben Azelart began his career in the online world when he was just 14 years old. It wasn’t until he joined the group that Brent Rivera was a part of in the latter half of 2017 that he began to earn recognition and appreciation on the internet.

Ben Azelart’s childhood and adolescence

Ben Azelart was brought into the world by his parents, Jill and Lionel Azelart, in the city of Dallas, Texas. His time was spent in Hawaii, and he has since made his home at Huntington Beach, in the state of California. He relocated to the state of California in order to advance his profession on online social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

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He attended Kailua Intermediate School and has competed in a variety of competitions and tournaments, including the Association of Skateboarders of Hawaii and the King of the Groms. Ben Azelart was also spotted in the Vans US 2017 Open.

How old is Ben according to the YouTube alert?

Born on January 10, 2002 (2002-01-10) at the age of 22, Benjamin Roger Azelart is a Canadian-American influencer on social media, a skateboarder, a YouTube vlogger, and a content developer. His videos and his collaborations with Brent Rivera are well known.

His romantic position and the focus that should be placed on it

Because of his relationship with Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart has been featured prominently in the media and under the spotlight.

Because she was a TikTok star, their on-screen connection was instantly adored by fans after it was revealed that he was working with Lexi. Since that time, followers of both have shown a significant amount of interest in the individuals’ personal lives, including their romantic relationships, as well as any information relevant to such topics.

Since the very beginning, the six-foot-two influencers have been involved in what is commonly referred to as a love triangle. When his women are brought up in conversation, he is invariably brought up as well. His romantic status with Lexi Rivera became the subject of much speculation when the two of them began spending time together.

Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera

Since the year 2018, Ben has been in a relationship with Lexi Rivera. YouTuber and TikToker Lexi Rivera is a member of both platforms. They both began working together across both platforms, which led to an increase in both of their levels of renown. When Ben Azelart and Brent Rivera decided to work together, that when everything got started. Brent Rivera is a popular YouTube personality who has over ten million subscribers to his channel. Additionally, he is well-known in the realm of TikTok.

After that, Ben was introduced to his sister, Lexi Rivera. What began as a healthy friendship eventually developed into a romantic partnership that was adored by the devoted following of both of these artists. When they started collaborating on their respective videos, their audiences ate it up and adored every bit of it.

The split-up

The situation continued like this for three years, during which time their incredible chemistry became obvious to anybody who viewed their online work. But when it was revealed in November 2020 that Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera had broken up, fans were upset and startled to learn the news.

The announcement was met with sighs and raised eyebrows from members of the internet community who believed the couple to be an example of couple goals due to the fact that they looked well together. They decided to break up and revealed it in a video that they both made.

Both of them shared a few supplementary pieces of information in reference to their decision. Both of them have stated that they are friends with one another and that there will be no emotional angle present between the two of them because they will not harbor any grudges toward one another. At the end of the video, they confirmed that they have not been together since the incident in question.

What’s the latest with Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas in their Relationship?

Because of this, many of us supporters of Ben Azelart assumed that he would be sad and heartbroken to the point that he would no longer be engaged with Lexi Rivera. As a result of the fact that both of the couples were being referred to as pair objectives. But Ben Azelart, much like the content of his videos, proved everyone who assumed that to be incorrect.

What was Lexi Rivera's Reaction to Ben Azelart's Girlfriend?

He shared online images and videos of himself and Hannah Thomas in which they appeared to be more intimate than usual with one another. Ben has not come out and said that he is in a relationship with Hannah, but he has dropped some oblique hints about a significant other in some of his films that he has posted online. It is important to make this point clear.

Throughout his videos on YouTube, he dropped hints like this.

Specifics Regarding the aforementioned Boxing Match

The couple that is being associated solely with one another has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they belong together. They have been on vacation together to a number of different destinations, including Paris, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii, among others. It was clear from a video that Hannah Thomas enjoys going on daring escapades, as seen by the scene in which she and Ben Azelart plunged off a cliff.

Ben Azelart was previously in a relationship with Brighton Sharbino before beginning his romance with Lexi. Brighton is an American actress and YouTuber who rose to fame for her role as Lizzie Samuels in the television series The Walking Dead. Fans began arguing over who Ben ought to date, proposing names like “Bexi or Bennah.”

The Reaction of Lexi Rivera to Ben Azelart’s Recently Discovered Adventure Partner

It was determined that Lexi Rivera was understanding and fine with regard to the current state of his ex-boyfriend and their adventures together. Not only that, but it was also discovered that her older brother Brent Rivera approved of Ben’s new partner, and he even traveled to Greece and Hawaii to meet the new pair and congratulate them on their engagement.

In addition, Lexi Rivera used an image of the couple as clickbait for her most recent video upload on YouTube.

Many viewers are of the opinion that Ben is using Hannah in order to help him get over the breakup of his prior relationship with his ex-girlfriend.


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