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Diana Lovejoy arrived in this world on October 26th, 1972, in the United States of America. She is currently around 49 years old, and she has worked in the United States of America both as a fitness instructor and a coach in the past.

After completing her elementary and secondary schooling in the state of California at Mountain View High School, she continued her education at the University of California, San Diego, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French.

The woman was given a number of career possibilities at various firms such as Nokia, where she was appointed as a lead documentation specialist while she was still attending university. Other organizations also offered her employment.

Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned

She started her career by working for Nokia for four years after she graduated, and then she went on to work for a software firm. In 2008, she decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry and quit her job.

Diana Lovejoy was a YouTuber who used to make videos about ready-to-eat quick and healthy meals, and she also used to compete in triathlons. Diana Lovejoy used to engage in triathlons.

She has gained a lot of notoriety as a result of the attempt on her husband’s life. She is currently serving a sentence of 26 years in jail for the crimes of murder and attempted murder for which she was sentenced. She is being held at the women’s prison in Chowchilla.

Following the conclusion of this case, Diana Lovejoy gained a lot of attention. It was the worst case of attempted murder ever seen, since a woman named Greg Mulvihill, whose son’s father the woman was trying to kill, somehow survived the gunshot. The woman was trying to kill her husband.

Read the article to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the murder case as well as what became of Diana Lovejoy after she was sentenced.

Background Story Of Diana Lovejoy And Greg Mulvihill

In 2007, Diana Lovejoy and Greg Mulvihill tied the knot in a low-key ceremony attended only by close family and friends. Because of his profession in the technology industry, Greg frequently traveled to California, and it was there in 2005 that he first met Diana Lovejoy Lovejoy.

And he was quite aware that his future bride would be the one to kill him. They had a happy life together, just like any other newlywed couple would. The couple made an impressive real estate purchase in Carlsbad.

Due to Diana Lovejoy’s eight unsuccessful pregnancies, the situation between the couple deteriorated to its lowest point after a period of time had passed.

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Even though the couple finally succeeded in having a kid after a string of eight miscarriages, their relationship had effectively ended prior to that point. They initiated legal action in 2014, and it continued for a total of two years. After everything was said and done, the investigation was concluded successfully, and Diana Lovejoy was awarded custody of the child.

What Happened To The Case?

On November 13, 2017, Diana Lovejoy was arrested and charged with attempting to kill her spouse, to who she was married at the time. When Diana Lovejoy shot him in the torso, fortunately, the bullet did not travel all the way through to the heart.

The judge issued an order requiring her to share custody of her kid and to pay $100 per month as child support for her child. Because Diana Lovejoy was unable to pay this sum, she made the decision to have Greg murdered with the assistance of her firearms instructor, Weldon McDavid Jr., who was also her boyfriend. Greg was shot and killed.

Diano was taught some shooting skills by Weldon McDavid Jr., who had previously served in the United States Marine Corps for a total of twelve years. In addition to that, he set up the home security system for her.

Once upon a time, Greg and his friend Jason were making their way to Avenida Soledade while walking on the dirt road. Greg was lucky enough to survive the gunshot that McDavid fired at him since the bullet that entered his body was unable to destroy his heart.

During the time that Greg was being transported to the hospital, Jason discussed the incident with the authorities. He informed them that it was 11 o’clock at night when they walked along the street when the incident with the gunshot occurred.

The police were interested in finding out why Greg had been shot and wanted to know what the possible motives were. In the end, after conducting some investigations, the police came to the conclusion that Greg was in the midst of a legal dispute over his divorce and the custody of his kid.

Who Is Diana Lovejoy? Why Was She Imprisoned

After being questioned by the authorities about the purpose of the late-night stroll through the neighborhood, Jason explained to them that Greg had received a call from an investigator who claimed that he had grabbed some evidence and that he would give Greg one opportunity to take a look at it. Only this once.

Jason continued by saying that Greg had informed him about the call and appeared anxious, prompting Jason to urge Greg to accompany him. After that, they were both on their way to check on the evidence, but on Greg’s way there, a violent event took place.

In addition, it was alleged in the court that Diana Lovejoy coerced McDavid into telling her that her husband sexually abused her and molested her kid. These allegations were made public throughout the trial. In the end, it was discovered that he had been paid $2,000 to say these things in court.

Greg Mulvihill was awarded full custody of his daughter after the court overruled their previous ruling. Diana Lovejoy was only given permission to visit her kid once a week for a total of ten hours.

Later on, she was forced to sell the house in Encinitas that she had been required to keep in Carlsbad in order to pay her ex-husband the sum of $120,000 from the proceeds of the sale.

During this time in the courtroom, Diana Lovejoy’s aunt Diana Lovejoy Clark arrived to share with the court something that Lovejoy had previously questioned her about. Lovejoy inquired of her aunt over the possibility of someone being able to frighten or kill Greg. The judge was informed by one of the jurors that this was the most important factor that needed to be taken into consideration.

After hearing everything that was said and seeing the evidence laid out in front of the judge, the court declared both Diana Lovejoy and McDavid guilty of the charges against them. While Diana Lovejoy was incarcerated for a total of 26 years, McDavid served a total of 56 years behind bars.

Diana Lovejoy sobbed and passed out as the judge read the sentences to the defendants. As soon as judge Sim von Kalinowski saw what was happening, he gave the order for everyone to be led out of the courtroom so that Diana Lovejoy might receive medical attention.

Where Is Diana Lovejoy Now?

After a lengthy trial, she was finally determined to be responsible for the attempted homicide of her ex-husband and sentenced to prison at the age of 44. She was sentenced to spend the remaining 26 years of her life in the Chowchilla Women’s Prison, where she has been incarcerated since she was found guilty of her crime.

Who Are Diana Lovejoy’s Parents; Her Early Life And Job Before Jail

It is thought that one of Diana Lovejoy’s great-grandmothers was of Native American descent, despite the fact that very little is known about her parents or her family’s genealogy. It is believed that Diana Lovejoy, who is now 50 years old, was born on October 26th, 1972.

Lovejoy was born and raised in Carlsbad, which is located in California. Before enrolling at UCDAI, the athlete who used to compete in triathlons and the software technical writer had completed their secondary education (University Of California At Davis).

Following her graduation from the university, she obtained a position as a technical writer at Nokia. People thought of her as someone who had an outstanding understanding of how various technologies were being used in the modern world.

In addition to being a valuable member of the company’s workforce, Lovejoy maintained a considerable presence online. As a consequence of this, Diana Lovejoy was also a fitness instructor and a YouTube sensation who documented her journey through weight loss on several social media platforms.

She frequently shared videos on YouTube with simple cooking instructions. In point of fact, Diana Lovejoy had begun a project in 2010 that she referred to as “The Eating Plan.”

People living with diabetes were able to better control their blood sugar levels with the assistance of this software. In preparation for this, she had also devised some plans for the meals.

Diana Lovejoy’s Ex-Husband Greg Mulvihill Survived 

Greg was reaching for a lamp when he was shot, but the bullet missed the bulb and instead hit him just below his left armpit before exiting through his back. Following the shooting, the authorities were able to put the pieces of the plot together.

The surveillance tape uncovered by the investigators showed Lovejoy acquiring the burner phone that McDavid had used to make the call to Mulvihill.

In addition, they discovered an AR-15-style gun in the garage of McDavid’s house, which had been used to shoot Mulvihill.

Lovejoy allegedly hatched a scheme to pay McDavid $2,000, and she was the one who drove him to the location where the shooting took place, as reported by the police.

The CCTV tape showing Diana Lovejoy buying a Tracfone from a Best Buy store was shown to the jury on August 15, 2016, after the business had been searched. Weldon made his call to Greg on the 1st of September using this identical phone.

In close proximity to the scene of the shooting, the authorities discovered DNA belonging to McDavid. After some time had passed, he admitted that he had defecated in the woods. After relieving himself in the bushes, Weldon cleaned himself up by wiping his posterior with a towel. The piece of fabric was then utilized by the police to obtain his DNA.

What Is The Net Worth Of Diana Lovejoy 

There are no reports or statistics pertaining to her overall current income or net worth; however, we will release this information very soon.