Ohio nation is exploring the possibility of including a kick via the transfer gate.

Indeed though the Buckeyes have a returning Lou Groza Award finalist in Noah Ruggles, they hosted former USC kick, Parker Lewis, for a visit on spring recreation weekend. In fact, the Ohio area come the primary faculty to attain out to Lewis whilst he entered the transfer gate in December.

That changed earlier than the Buckeyes knew if Ruggles might go back to Ohio country for his redundant 12 months of eligibility. Lewis’ primary contact with Ohio country got then with former great manipulate trainer Joe Bolden, who turned into preliminarily special groups OK manipulate train at USC while Lewis started his career there, and Bolden has seen that left the Buckeyes to come to be Nevada’s unique groups fellow and out of doors, linebackers instruct. still indeed in view that Bolden departed and Ruggles introduced his choice to play every other season with the Buckeyes, Ohio country has continued to retain Lewis as an implicit addition to this 12 months’ canon.

Lewis, who had touchbacks on 27 of his 34 births for USC’s final season, will be an immediate upgrade for the Buckeyes as an onset expert over Ruggles, who had stylish 21 touchbacks on ninety-nine births the last yr. but Lewis wants to protest discipline solicitations anyplace he transfers, too, and he says Ohio state’s trainers have informed him he’ll get the occasion to contend for that job if he chooses the Buckeyes, indeed after Ruggles made 20 of his 21 field purpose tries in 2021.

“What they said is, ‘This would not be Ohio nation if we performed pets,’” Lewis, who made 17 of his 22 field purpose attempts remaining season, advised 11 Soldiers. “ so they glaringly are interested in me doing births, but I’m veritably interested in having the field intention process as well.

Still, it’s going to indicate I feel like I ought to win that exertion, “ If I come to be going to Ohio state.”

While Lewis changed into USC’s morning kick for the hereafter seasons, he said his times with the Trojans were tough due to training platoon of workers variations that came about. The special groups fellow who signed Lewis, John Baxter, came fired much lower than weeks before he enrolled at USC. The unique brigades fellow who replaced him, Sean Snyder, anticipated kicks to take a long way more reps in exercise than Lewis turned into conversant in, which Lewis stated caused accidents. In the long run, made his choice to switch after studying new USC head trainer Lincoln Riley might not be hiring a married unique groups fellow.

“Getting into the again end of my university football career, I’m seeking out a place where I’m easy going so that it’ll get evolved and give me the satisfactory occasion to go to the NFL,” Lewis stated. “ So I had a lot of verbal exchange with my pater and mama on what turned into the proper element to do, and we all agreed to search someplace differently would be the fine volition.”

Lewis turned into incontinently intrigued by means of the occasion of playing for Ohio state as soon as he heard from the Buckeyes, in element due to his courting with Bolden still also due to his fellowship with former Ohio area kick Blake Haubeil, who he says is “ like an aged family.” Lewis has known Haubeil seeing that he came in 7th grade, and he watched the Buckeyes constantly all through Haubeil’s Ohio country profession, indeed attending Ohio state’s Fiesta Bowl sport towards Clemson in 2019 to guide Haubeil.

“Before I was committed to USC, Ohio country comes, my crew, that I embedded for due to the fact I used to be watching all of Blake’s games,” Lewis said.

Grounded on his exchanges with Haubeil and Ohio nation unique groups fellow Parker Fleming, Lewis believes playing for Ohio nation could be a far better match for him than USC came.

“Educating Fleming is further of like an own family experience,” Lewis stated. “ they have got it downstroke for sure at Ohio state. I love their system and how they perform and manage their professionals.”

Lewis turned into also a teammate of slice-edge Ohio nation cornerback Denzel Burke at Saguaro high faculty (Scottsdale, Arizona), and he likes what he’s heard from Burke about the Buckeyes, too.

“I’ve talked to him lots on Ohio state, and one thing I like that he stated is he stated it’s running much likeSaguaro.However, he stated it’s running analogous to Saguaro,” Lewis stated If Saguaro has been to be a university. “ He’s said lots of truly, surely, simply amazing matters.”

At some stage in his go-to to Ohio Stadium on Saturday, Lewis turned struck by using the keenness of Ohio nation’s addict base.

“I used to be telling my pater, there were lesser fanatics in that colosseum than there had been any USC home sport I played my beginner and sophomore time. And that came a spring sport,” Lewis said. “ So soccer is like a religion out then. I indicate mortal beings would just consume, sleep, and breathe it. It comes stupendous cool to see how large of a deal it comes out then.

Lewis, who comes ranked as the. 7 kick in the 2020 recruiting nobility and still has three times of collegiate eligibility, expects to choose his switch holiday spot in the posterior two to 3 weeks, as he plans to enrol at his new council in may also. He’s also considering Miami, Notre Dame, Florida and Ole pass over.

He’s searching out a faculty that has a fat soccer culture and trainers he feels he can agree with.

“The largest element I am seeking out is going to an area with glaringly fat records and an established tradition. that’s a truly massive deal to me. I failed to in reality have that at USC,” Lewis stated. “ And also an atrocious courting with the unique groups fellow. Their device, with how they might take care of my development and all that, those are of my massive factors.”

Lewis’ declaration to fame from his USC profession got then within the Trojans’2nd sport of ultimate season against Stanford, whilst Lewis turned into ejected from the sport for a concentrated on penalty on the outlet onset. Lewis, who’s well-constructed for a kick at 6- bottom-three and 220 pounds, says he still hears roughly that penalty all of the time, and he doesn’t study mortal beings knowing he can hit.

“Kicks don’t absolutely get the outside fete of their function and all that, still I clearly love to raise,” Lewis said. “I’m in the weight room all of the time. I try to put in redundant work which I can in other areas. I surely do take delight in how I appear and how I act out-of-door of being a kick, for positive.”

Lewis desires to be finely honoured for his capacity to protest, but, and he’s confident he might be at his coming destination.

“I agree with I’m one of the better kicks within u. s. a.,” Lewis said. “I have been advised if I’ve another really good yr, due to the fact no longer numerous kicks can do both field dreams and births, that I’m going to have a large choice if I need to go into the draft or live. So I am veritably assured in myself.”