Get Ready: Gemini Is About to Enter Your DMs


Google is rolling out a slew of updates just in time for MWC, including a new integration that allows chatting with its chatbot Gemini directly within Google Messages. This feature, currently available for beta testers, aims to enhance conversational experiences. While Gemini’s capabilities were limited in previous tests, its integration into Messages aims to create a more friend-like interaction. Initially available only in English and specific markets, Gemini promises to evolve over time.

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Android Auto is receiving an AI boost, providing summaries of lengthy texts or chat threads to keep drivers focused on the road. It will also suggest context-based replies and actions, such as sharing ETA with friends. Additionally, Google is leveraging generative AI to enhance accessibility features in Lookout and Maps. Lens in Google Maps now offers screen reader enhancements to identify businesses and provide relevant details, while Lookout generates AI-based descriptions for images, including those shared in messages, benefiting visually impaired users worldwide.


Among the non-AI updates, Google introduces a convenient tweak for Android, simplifying the process of switching output devices while using Spotify. Moreover, Google Docs on Android devices now support handwritten annotations with various pen and highlighter options, catering to users who enjoy jotting down notes with a stylus. This feature is particularly exciting for enthusiasts of larger canvases like Pixel Tablets or foldable devices, where scribbling notes becomes a joyous experience without relying on AI.