Greg Gutfeld, of Fox News, has surpassed liberal Stephen Colbert in the ratings to become late night’s most popular host


Greg Gutfeld, of Fox News, has surpassed liberal Stephen Colbert in the ratings to become late-night’s most popular host, Last week, Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld dominated late-night television in America, as evidenced by the fact that his show dominated the 11 p.m. time slot across the board.

According to Forbes, the television show “Gutfeld!” had a total average audience of 2.35 million people watching it.

The “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on CBS had 2.143 million viewers, which was good for second place, followed by “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on NBC with 1.318 million viewers and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC with 1.084 million viewers.

Additionally, Gutfeld’s show was number one among adults aged 25 to 54, an essential demographic for marketers.

In the age category of 25-54, Gutfeld had the most viewers, with an average of 397,000 viewers, followed by Colbert with 373,000 viewers, Fallon with 372,000 viewers, and Kimmel with 264,000 viewers.

The week beginning on August 12 marked the third consecutive week in which Gutfeld finished in first place.

Additionally, Gutfeld was a significant distance ahead of other cable competitors, such as MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle” and CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” both of which had an average of 1.381 million viewers and 665,000 viewers, respectively.

When asked about his success, Gutfeld stated, “A lot of it is just strange things from me.” He explained that he was interested in attracting individuals who desired to have a good time and were open to new experiences.

According to Forbes, Gutfeld stated that he steers clear of the preachy tone that is typical of other shows.

He stated that people do not go to entertainment venues to complete their assignments. “You are not required to pay for your homework. And it seems as though there has been this new kind of “woke culture,” in which everything is being educated with a lesson you have to learn — it’s like, I don’t need to be lectured. I didn’t come here to have someone tell me that what I’m experiencing is oppression and that I need to educate myself on these issues. I came to have a good time.”

“I spend a significant amount of time discussing various forms of media. Because I am aware of the problems that exist within it. I am aware of the issues that currently exist. Because I was present and was aware of the people I would be collaborating with, I am familiar with the presumptions that reporters and editors have, as well as the ways in which they attempt to please their colleagues, he stated.

Gutfeld has stated that he intentionally creates a unique show.

People have had it up to here with the constant narrative that every institution you encounter in your life is in some way an oppressor or an oppressed. What we did was say that we are the same as you are and that there is no difference between us. We are taking a cynical stance toward this information and data. We get it. We’re on your side. Therefore, I believe that it’s a combination of the fact that we’re entertainment and the fact that we’re not homework,” he explained.

Gutfeld stated that the reason he allows his show to transgress limits is that he does not respect them.

Gutfeld stated, “I’m not a cut-and-dry conservative.” “I’m not a cut-and-dried Republican; I’m not even a cut-and-dried libertarian,” I said. “I’m not even a cut-and-dried Democrat.” I have no idea who I am or what I am.

“I purposefully create a weird and crazy spectacle for my audience because I myself am absurd. I refer to this phenomenon as the Dean Wormer effect. Dean Wormer was the antagonist in the movie “Animal House,” and he has always been portrayed as the mascot for the Republican party.

However, everyone else in the movie seemed to be having a good time, so what’s the big deal? My objective has always been to turn that around. In this way, we can portray ourselves as the carefree party while the Democrats and the left act as the grouchy adults. You can see it right now, with even Bill Maher saying things like “my god, my side is humorless and the other side is having fun,” he remarked. “You see that today.”