Han Seo Hee: Who Is She? And Her Most Recent Controversies


Han Seo Hee is a Trainee from South Korea, a singer, reality TV celebrity, Instagram Influencer, and Social Media sensation who hails from the city of Seoul. In addition to this, she is famous for being Big Bang’s T.O.P’s ex-girlfriend in the media.

Because she is so active on various social media sites, such as Instagram, Han Seo Hee has amassed a significant following online. This is her Instagram account, which can be found at @hxxsxxhee, where she frequently shares images of herself as well as other content that is frequently contentious.

Controversies’ of Han Seo Hee 

Han Seo Hee: Who is She? And Her Latest Controversies

As a result of her involvement in a variety of disagreements with a variety of well-known celebrities, a self-proclaimed feminist who is 24 years old and from South Korea has been generating headlines not only in South Korean news sources but also in foreign news outlets.


The first time that the name Han Seo Hee surfaced in public was when she was linked to the marijuana issue involving BIGBANG artist T.O.P. When she was still a trainee at YG Entertainment, she asserted that she was the “Tazza” actor’s girlfriend back when she was younger.

Releases indicate that the two of them smoked marijuana together at some point. As a result of this, she was sentenced to a punishment period of four years and was required to attend drug treatment sessions for a total of one hundred twenty hours.


During one of her Instagram live broadcasts, Han Seo Hee said that she met the member V of BTS when she was only 19 years old at a local nightclub. Due to the fact that V and Han Seo Hee are the same age and both were born in 1995, her declaration sparked a huge amount of discussion because both of these individuals are deemed to be minors and are not permitted to enter such a location.

In addition, she stated that model Kim Ki Bum was responsible for V’s presence inside the club. “Kim Ki Bum was the one who introduced me to V when he brought him to the club. V is not someone I am extremely familiar with. 

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On the other Han Seo Hee d, I had a good relationship with Ki Bum, and he took V along with him,” Seo Hee added.

In the beginning, she was completely unaware that the idol who was born in Daegu was ever around in the first place. “I did not ask him to come,” the speaker says. V arrived after I had already made reservations for a table. I am not embellishing the facts in any way. 

That was the last time I saw him; I was at the club. I couldn’t politely ask someone who joined me at my table to excuse themselves,” she elaborated further.

Gugudan’s Kim Na Young and Han Seo Hee a

An alleged Han Seo Hee gout session between Han Seo Hee, Kim Na Young, and Han Seo Hee a, both of whom are members of the K-pop girl group gugudan, took place in May of 2019. Han Seo Hee came under fire for this incident.

Han Seo Hee was also a former trainee at Jellyfish Entertainment, which was the home label to gugudan and also VIXX – and she was also scheduled to debut alongside other members of the girl group. 

Those who are unaware of this fact can learn more by reading the following: However, she left the firm right before Gugudan was released in 2016, immediately before her departure.

K-pop fans were able to make the connection between the picture she used and the fact that the faces of the two female idols in the picture were covered with stickers. As a form of response, internet users voiced their displeasure with the girls for their connection with Seo Hee, despite the fact that they are aware this will put their careers in jeopardy.

iKON’s B.I

As some of you may be aware, B.I. parted ways with his band Ikon one year ago due to the band’s alleged involvement in drug use. Well, it was clear that he acquired the drugs from someone he knew quite well, someone that he indicated that he believed he could rely on, as he even said that he wanted the hallucinatory drug to become a “genius.” 

Han Seo Hee: Who is She? And Her Latest Controversies

This was apparent through a KakaoTalk chat. It was said that the person in question was Han Seo Hee  Seo-hee. She was given a jail sentence for her crime.

Wonho and Jung Daeun scandal

It was the most contentious one involving Han Seo Hee that occurred in the past year. This was due to the fact that Wonho, a member of Monsta X, owed Jung Daeun money that he had not yet paid back. There’s a good Han Seo Hee that he made a mistake here, which easily could have been remedied. 

Han Seo Hee  Seo-hee is currently dating Jung Daeun, and they have even put out the fire of this story by claiming that he drove while underage, used drugs, and attempted to steal, among other things.

Even after he left Monsta X, she continued to smear his name by calling him a “murderer in training” and calling him “talentless and a publicity seeker” on her Instagram live broadcast.

“If I were someone who craved attention, I would have started my career as a singer like Wonho. If I were someone who craved attention, I would have started my career as a singer like Wonho, right? But I didn’t. Because I have been responsible for a great deal of criminal activity in the past.”

Han Seo Hee is without a doubt a stunningly gorgeous South Korean famous figure, and it is her involvement in various scandals that continue to fuel her rise to the top of the charts in terms of popularity.


In what way did Han Seo Hee treat Taehyung?

sorta. The person who created the content, Han Seo Hee, apologized on Instagram for her remarks about encountering BTS’s V and model Kim Ki Bum in a bar while she was underage (and thus they were as well).

Is Han Seo Hee the same person as Han So Hee?

The popular actor ‘Han So Hee’ who starred in series like My Name, World of the Married, and Nevertheless has a name with the former YG Entertainment trainee, it should be noted. She has no link to Han So Hee, however, she is a former K-Pop trainee.

Han So Hee is how old?

27 years (November 18, 1994)