How to Search Journals on Google Scholar to Write a Thesis


To compose a thesis , most students usually need a journal as additional literacy to support research data. The journal can be accessed on several services on the internet, one of which is Google Scholar . 

For those of you who don’t know, Google Scholar or Google Scholar is an online journal search service covering various disciplines. 

In addition, Google Scholar can also be used to search online academic books, theses, dissertations, and so on. 

If you are in need of additional literacy in the form of an online journal or other scientific work, you can go directly to the Google Scholar page and directly access this search service for free. Here’s how to search for journals on Google Scholar to compile theses and the like: 

  1. The first thing you need is internet with a stable connection. 
  2. Then, go to Google, then type ‘Google Scholar’. You can also directly click on the page 
  3. Then, if you are already signed in on the old Google Scholar. You can directly type the keyword or title of the journal you are looking for. 
  4. After that, Google Scholar will display various types of scientific papers related to the keywords or titles that you have entered previously. Google Scholar will also display the author’s name, year, and various kinds of information about these journals. 

With this free service, you can access not only journals or other scientific works. In Google Scholar there are also features such as a personal library that makes it easy for you to save previously searched findings. 

You can use this feature after finding the journal you are looking for on Google Scholar. The way to save your search results is quite easy. Just click the star icon (save) located below the description of each journal or scientific work. 

The search results that you have saved can be found if you switch to the “My Collections” feature on the Google Scholar service. 

You can access this feature by pressing the star icon located to the right of the previous journal search results. The illustration is as shown by the red lined arrow below. 

However, what is stored in Google Scholar is not the journal document, but the site of the journal. To get the journal documents, you have to visit the site and then look for the download option. 

A little information, not all journal provider sites on Google Scholar can be accessed for free. This means that there are some sites that require account registration to subscribe, then you can download the journal documents there. 

After successfully saving the site of the desired journal, you can easily access the journal at a later date. That’s how to find journals on Google Scholar, hopefully it’s useful.