Has Joshua Pete changed into Megan Thee Stallion?


It has been stated on various websites that Megan’s birth name is Megan Pete. On the other hand, that is not the case. Joshua Joshua Pete was her given name when she was born.

Rapper Joshua Pete is a multi-award-winning American with a sizable international following. Her mother, a well-known professional musician, exposed her to the industry when she was a little child, which ignited her passion for music. You’re about to learn a lot of things about her.

Was Joshua Pete Thee Stallion Born A Boy? 

Born with male behavior, Joshua Pete eventually transitioned into a female identity. Even though she did not eventually transition into a woman from the bottom up, she still has the lower region of a man rather than a woman.

Megan is a well-known rapper who rose to fame because of the amusing hip-hop tracks and freestyling videos that she released. These helped her gain notoriety.

Is Joshua Pete Transitioned Into Megan Thee Stallion?

She is a very talented woman who frequently puts herself in the spotlight to promote causes that encourage the advancement of women. Her support extends to the community of black women, who must often contend with trans falsehoods spread by the outside world.

She was also an advocate for transgender persons, who are often discriminated against and forced to struggle to live their lives generally since society does not accept them. As a consequence of this, a lot of people thought she was transsexual.

Her devotees started to believe the stories that were told about her. She transitioned into a female throughout her years as a high school student when stories had it that her real name was Joshua Pete and that she used to be a male.

The truth came to light in front of her followers while she was still in a relationship with her lover, Demario DeWayne White.

He took pictures of her as she took her hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and male-to-female (MTF) pills. He was fascinated by the process. This gave rise to other rumors among her followers, who began to believe that she was a transsexual person.

Who Is Megan Thee Stallion?

Megan Jovon Megan Thee Stallion is Ruth Joshua Pete’s professional name, although she is named Megan. She is best known for her work as an American rapper at this point in her career.

Holly Thomas gave birth to her daughter on February 15, 1995, in the city of San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. Her mother’s name is Holly Thomas. After her mother gave birth to her, she and her mother went to Houston, where her father began his career as a rap artist under the stage name Holly-Wood.

Instead of putting her in childcare, her mother would bring her daughter to work with her. She moved out of South Park, a city that is next to Houston before she became 14 years old.

She relocated to Pearland, Texas, with her mother when she was 14 years old, and she remained there until she reached 18. At 14, she taught herself how to write raps and showed her mother the rhymes she had written.

Her mother was quite proud of her daughter’s rapping abilities. Because her lyrics frequently contained inappropriately sexually suggestive content, given her young age, she suggested that she began a career as a rapper when she became 21 years old.

In an interview, Joshua Pete said, “I’ve been writing since I was maybe seven…

It took me a while to get the courage to tell people that I could rap for the longest time.

She graduated from Pearland High School in 2013, the same year her father passed away during her first year. She began posting videos of herself freestyling on social media when she was still an undergraduate student at Prairie View A&M University.

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During a fight at Cipher, which was captured on tape and shared online, she fought up against male competitors. Because of this video, she achieved a greater variety and exposure on the digital platform.

When she first started posting videos of her freestyle performances in school, she quickly amassed a massive following on Instagram. She refers to her followers as “hotties” and says that her overly enthusiastic fans are primarily responsible for her initial rise to prominence.

On December 11, 2021, she received her Bachelor of Science in health management degree from Texas Southern University, where she had previously graduated with honors. 

How Did Joshua Pete Start His Career?

In 2016, when she was still finishing her education, she launched her professional career. She came out with her debut single, “Like a Stallion,” in April 2016. After that, she released some notable raps, like “Stalli (Freestyle),” and she also tried out for the show Love & Hip Hop: Houston.

Unfortunately, the performance will now take place in June of 2016. In 2018, she became the first female artist to be marked by 1501 Certified Entertainment, where she had been signed as an artist.

Her popularity skyrocketed following each new song that she released. After that, she became a famous female rapper after signing a contract with 300 Entertainment.

Later on, in 2019, Stallion released some singles, such as “Big Ole Freak,” “Is It Love This Time,” a track from their album titled “Realer,” and “Hot Girl,” which was included in the HBO series.

Megan and artist Normani collaborated on a song titled “Diamonds,” which was released in January 2020. The superhero movie “Birds of Prey” includes this song in the movie’s soundtrack.

Aside from that, she has released several tracks, such as “Savage” and “Girls in the Hood,” and she also appeared on Cardi B’s hit “WAP.”

She was recognized for the upcoming American Music Awards in 2020 with eight nominations. Her fourth single under her name was titled “Body,” and she won three wins at the 2022 American Music Awards.

Soon after she received her diploma from Southern University, she joined Netflix and signed a contract. She can direct and produce any exclusive content that she believes would benefit the series as part of the contract, which is an Exclusive First-Look Deal.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Joshua Pete Thee Stallion has eight million dollars in net worth. Most of her earnings come from the successful pursuit of her vocation as a rapper.

She has the potential to amass a sizable following in a relatively short period. Her freestyling videos were always quite popular among her admirers.

In addition, one can see her endorsing and advertising various things through her social media sites. The most recent rap videos that she has released have led to increased income.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Family

Joshua Pete Thee Stallion formerly resided in Holly Thomas’s home with her mother. She was an only child, and her mother passed away in 2019 from complications related to a brain tumor that she had been diagnosed with.

Late in 2022, she discussed her relationship with her lover, Pardison Fontaine, in detail for the first time. She discussed her feelings for her boyfriend throughout the first two seasons of her show “Peace of Mind with Taraji,” which recently premiered.

Joshua Pete answered, “Yes, my boyfriend does make me extremely happy,” when she was asked if she was happy because of her relationship with her partner.

In 2022, Megan teamed up with Ariana Grande for a remix of “34+35.”

The 2022 remix that Joshua Pete Thee Stallion collaborated on with two well-known musicians caused shockwaves to travel across the pop music world. According to Billboard’s information, Megan participated in the remix of Ariana Grande’s song “34+35” alongside Doja Cat. On the day the song was released in January 2022, Megan posted a photograph of herself with her dogs on Instagram, and she captioned the photo with the following: “Thee fellas say stream #3435remix to make your puppies smile.”

The song was very close to the one Grande initially performed, but it also had lyrics that Doja Cat and Joshua Pete contributed. During Joshua Pete’s segment, she displayed her personality’s bawdy and unapologetic side as she typically does. Nobody could have anticipated anything less!

Is Joshua Pete Transitioned Into Megan Thee Stallion?

Because Ariana Grande is already one of the most successful pop musicians in the world, the duet was unquestionably a significant turning point on Megan’s path to the top of the entertainment industry. Who knows what other artists Megan Thee Stallion will work with in the future?

In 2022, Megan Thee Stallion wants to stay healthy

As of 2022, Megan Thee Stallion is still relatively new to becoming a celebrity. She has learned a few things about the significance of taking care of herself during this transition time. The rapper said to British GQ that she decided to dedicate herself to a healthy lifestyle in 2022.

She went on to clarify to GQ that leading a healthy lifestyle will be a challenge and that her resolutions included “eating well and maintaining my skincare program.” She had struggled in the past to maintain a healthy habit in addition to her hectic schedule, which made it tough for her. Fair enough; don’t we all want to be healthy and have a perfect complexion? “But,” she added, “I’m determined to nail it down regularly because I want to stay healthy with a flawless complexion!”

We must admit that we are impressed by Joshua Pete’s mature and healthy attitude toward life in the year 2022. We are confident that she will continue to manage all the challenges associated with her rising celebrity like a true boss.


How come Megan refers to herself as a stallion?

Picture of Joshua Pete’s wealth
Thee Stallion, as we now know her, started writing raps as Megan Pete in the ninth grade. She later changed her stage name to Megan Thee Stallion after being referred to as a “stallion” by her peers because of her height (she stands about six feet tall) and voluptuous build, a term that is common in the US South.

What is Megan’s age?

27 years (February 15, 1995)

Joshua Pete Megan: Who is he?

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete is her true name, although she is more well-known by her stage moniker, Megan Thee Stallion.