MSNBC anchor calls Elon Musk a bully after he mocks Hunter Biden and her network on Twitter


MSNBC anchor calls Elon Musk a ‘bully’ after he mocks Hunter Biden and her network on Twitter: After Elon Musk made fun of her and her network when she attempted to critique him on social media, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle labeled him a bully and accused him of being a bully.

After posting a meme on Wednesday that mocked recent reports about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s struggles with illegal substances, the billionaire entrepreneur became involved in the Twitter debate that ensued shortly after.

Ruhle asked his followers on Twitter, “Can you even imagine the great impact you could have on the world if you used the enormous amount of influence and power you have to spread decency, kindness, and positivity?”

Musk quickly lashed back, saying, “Imagine if MSNBC did that.”

Ruhle’s reaction drew more than 43,400 likes, but Musk’s rebuttal received more than 180,800 likes. She responded by issuing a challenge to the business owner to appear on her show, but he did not accept the challenge.

MSNBC anchor calls Elon Musk a 'bully' after he mocks Hunter Biden and her network on Twitter

Later, on her show on MSNBC that same night, Ruhle made an attempt to harangue him.

She voiced her displeasure by stating, “It puzzles me that a man who is practically on top of the universe would ever waste time punching down.”

It’s possible that he has more money than everyone else on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that he has more time than you, me, or anyone else. Then why throw away his time? She went on to say, “Rather than acting like a bully, why doesn’t he use the earned power and capital he has to bring people up?” she asked.

“He’s not your typical kind of guy, and there are a lot of valid reasons to shake up the status quo and alter the rules of the game. However, she came to the conclusion that there was “absolutely no reason” to give up on basic decency.

Ruhle also confessed that her two sons, both of whom are teenagers, “worship” Musk in the same manner that many other people do.

It’s possible that Musk was alluding to recordings that have been shared on social media purportedly showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual activity with prostitutes while under the influence of illegal narcotics. According to a second story, President Joe Biden had allegedly transacted the sale of one million barrels of oil to a state-owned Chinese corporation in which his son had invested.