Poland Makes a dire forecast for Russia Should It Launch An Attack


Should Russian President Vladimir Putin decide to strike the NATO member state, Poland has made a dire prognosis for his country.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski discussed the likelihood of further Russian attacks on his nation in an interview with the German daily Bild that was published on Sunday.

Russian officials have frequently raised the prospect of a strike against NATO allies in retaliation for the supplies and equipment they have given Ukraine in the current conflict. Throughout the conflict, Poland’s military has claimed that Russian cruise missiles fired at western Ukraine had crossed into its airspace. Newsweek sent an email requesting comment to Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

Sikorski stated that although Poland “wouldn’t be surprised at all” if Russia attacked, it will ultimately fail due of its inferior strength to that of the West.

“Russia has attacked Poland many times in the 500 years of our history,” he stated. “But in this scenario, Russia will lose, because we, the West, are far more powerful than Russia.”

“Ukraine isn’t fighting by itself. We won’t be battling alone, which is a departure from what has frequently happened in the past, Sikorski stated.

He emphasized how crucial it is for Ukraine to prevail in the conflict, which started when Russia invaded the nation in full in February 2022.

“We have a choice: either the Russian army is routed outside the boundaries of Ukraine, or it is triumphant on the Polish border. Putin would then take the Ukrainian people and industry and mobilize them to continue operating, just as Hitler did with Czechoslovakia, according to Sikorski. “It is better to stop Putin in Ukraine, 500 to 700 kilometers [310 to 435 miles] east of here.”

Regarding the possibility of a Russian attack on a NATO member state, Sikorski stated that German politicians “seem to accept that Russia would only be ready in four or five years—and by then, Germany would also be ready.”

“But the thing is, before Russia gets to Germany, it has to go through several other countries,” said Sikorski.

In March, Putin brushed off any notion that his nation may strike a NATO member.

Putin remarked, “Their statements about our alleged intention to attack Europe after Ukraine is sheer nonsense,” pointing out that Washington spends more than ten times as much on defense as Moscow does. “Are we going to attack NATO as a result of that? It’s insane.”

On April 26, Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, expressed a similar opinion. According to him, Russia has never planned to launch an attack on a NATO member state.

“NATO has never been in danger from the Russian Federation. We have no military or geopolitical reason to attack the member states of the alliance. “During a meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, we are merely safeguarding our people in our historical territories,” Shoigu stated.

Shoigu continued, saying that Russia has always exerted “maximum efforts to maintain strategic stability and the balance of power in the world.”