Potential Launch of a DualSense Controller Upgrade with Significantly Increased Battery Capacity by Sony


With a stunning design, the Sony DualSense controller boasts a host of features, including an impressive haptic feedback system, a touchpad, and an immersive mini speaker. While these improvements shine when paired with the PlayStation 5, users on both PC and consoles have expressed concerns about the relatively small battery capacity. However, a potential solution could be on the horizon with the alleged release of a second version.

The discovery was made on Sweclockers, where an eagle-eyed observer spotted a now-deleted Best Buy Canada listing for a Sony DualSense V2 controller. The updated design, visually identical to its predecessor, features an exceptional 12-hour battery life on a full charge. Also listed was an official Sony charging station, all for the same price as the current DualSense.

Leaked Listing for Upgraded PS5 DualSense Controller Shows Enhanced Battery  Life

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Although it is unclear when Sony plans to launch this updated controller, speculation suggests that it could coincide with the alleged launch of the PlayStation 5 Pro. Praised for its near-perfect design, the current DualSense has faced criticism mainly due to its limited battery life, which lasts around four to five hours with continuous use.

While the prospect of 12 hours of battery life is promising, some users prefer the flexibility of Microsoft’s approach, which allows for easy battery replacement. However, for those who rely on DualSense, the extended battery life would be a welcome improvement.

In addition to fixing the battery issue, some users are hoping that Sony will fix the stick drift issue. Although thumb swapping is an alternative, it is recommended to implement Hall effect rods to avoid such problems. Reluctance to increase the price of the controller, which may impact profit margins, is acknowledged, but users express a willingness to pay more for the DualSense V2 with longer battery life and drift-resistant controls.

Despite personal strategies to mitigate the battery issue, such as replacement controllers and charging stations, users are optimistic about the potential for an improved DualSense experience. The call to Sony is clear: deliver the DualSense V2 with extended battery life and reliable control, even if it means forgoing the bundled accessories. It seems that many users are ready to invest in an upgraded driver that addresses these concerns.