Pre-Order Now: Apple’s Vision Pro Headset at $3,499, Set to Release on February 2nd


Vision Pro headphones, Apple’s latest innovation and priced at $3,499, were made available for pre-order on Thursday and are expected to be released in the United States on February 2. Industry sources say this marks Apple’s entry into the market with a new product line since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. Analysts expect this to follow the technology of other major products such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac. Vision Pro’s business trajectory will be different, especially in its initial phase.

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Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring talked about the long-term potential of Vision Pro and said that its success will not be achieved until 2024. That would be reasonable if Apple could successfully ship around 400,000 units, UBS’ David Vogt said. We expect revenues of approximately $1.4 billion in 2024. To put that in perspective, Apple’s iPhone revenue in the fourth quarter alone reached $43.81 billion.

The base Vision Pro model with 256GB of storage and the M2 chip found in some Macs is $3,499. Apple also offers the 512GB model for $3,699 and the 1TB model for $3,899.

Vision Pro is positioned as a “spatial computing” device that provides a virtual reality experience where users can watch movies or overload various applications and screens Ash

The pre-order process supports customers. Apple, which uses Face ID on the iPhone or iPad to determine which size is best, is promoting a 12-month financial plan that brings the standard rate between $3,499 and $291.58 per month. An add-on subscription can also be purchased for $149.

Vision Pro was first introduced at WWDC 2023 and recently sold out of specs when pre-orders began in the United States. It’s worth noting that devices vary in their ability to mirror 1080p video to AirPlay-enabled devices. The next update clarified that the Vision Pro supports 720p video mirroring on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and AirPlay-connected smart TVs, supporting Apple’s original intention to support 1080p.

Despite this statement, the change does not seem to have a significant impact on consumers’ decisions because the main purpose of the demonstration is so that others can share the user’s perspective on Vision Pro and represent more than what is presented. The tool knows more than the main content.