Receipt of a dead jogger Author Eliza Fletcher discovered


Receipt of a dead jogger Author Eliza Fletcher discovered Authorities announced on Tuesday that a body discovered during the investigation into the disappearance of Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman who was kidnapped while running on Friday morning, has been confirmed to be the body of the missing jogger. Fletcher was abducted while running on Friday morning.

The announcement that charges will be filed against Cleotha Abston was followed by news on Monday that a body had been found, prompting police in Memphis, Tennessee, to make their announcement.

Abston, who is 38 years old, was charged with kidnapping and tampering with evidence on Sunday in connection with the disappearance of Fletcher. Following the discovery of her death, further accusations were brought against the suspect, including first-degree murder and first-degree murder in connection with the commission of abduction.

According to the police, he was also charged with crimes unconnected to the original incident, including identity theft, theft of property, and credit card fraud.

On Tuesday, during his arraignment, the court decided that his bond should be set at $510,000. After explaining to the judge that he was unable to pay for a lawyer, Abston was given the opportunity to work with a public attorney. It is expected that he would show up in court on Wednesday in order to be charged with the allegations of murder.

At a press conference held on Tuesday afternoon, the police stated that their corpse of Fletcher was discovered in an empty duplex unit on Victor Street shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Monday.

The District Attorney for Shelby County, Steve Mulroy, has stated that he thinks the kidnapping to have been “an isolated attack by a stranger.”

A person approached Fletcher, an ardent runner, kindergarten teacher, and mother of two, at 4:20 a.m. on Friday and pushed her into an SUV, according to the police. Fletcher was a mother of two children.

According to an affidavit that was attached to a criminal complaint, a pair of Champion slide sandals that were discovered in the location where she went missing contained DNA that matched that of Abston.

According to the affidavit, footage taken from the security cameras at the location showed “a black GMC Terrain passing and then waiting for the victim to run by.” According to the report, a male then got out of the vehicle, ran toward Fletcher, and forced her to get into the passenger seat.

According to the affidavit, it seemed like there was a battle going on during the time of the abduction. This is the location where the Champion slides sandals were discovered. After that, the vehicle waited for approximately four minutes in the parking lot with the victim still inside of it before driving away.

Both the cause of death and the method in which it occurred have not been disclosed.

The detectives are said to have collected cellular records and used them to determine that Abston’s smartphone was in the vicinity of the location when Fletcher was coerced into entering the vehicle.

According to the complaint, law enforcement officials made the arrest Abston on Saturday after discovering the GMC Terrain with a matched license plate number in a parking lot close to Abston’s apartment.

Mario Abston, age 36, Cleotha Abston’s brother, was also arrested; but, according to the authorities, he is not considered to have any connection to the kidnapping of Fletcher Abston. According to tweets from the police, he was charged with violations including drugs and firearms.