Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S24 Smartphones to Feature Baidu’s Ernie AI Chatbot Integration


Baidu AI Cloud will embed the professional Ernie chatbot into Samsung’s next Galaxy S24 phone, offering users instant call translation and many new features.

Ernie is a collaborative product of Baidu OpenAI ChatGPT that uses artificial intelligence to provide human-like answers to users’ questions. This follows Samsung’s recent announcement of its AI-infused Galaxy S24 series, which it looks to surpass rivals like Apple and its latest iPhones.

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Now equipped with Ernie’s insight and creative flair, Samsung Notes Assistant allows users to seamlessly translate content and expand long notes to smart destinations with one click. This makes it easier to manage large files and improves the user experience.

Although Samsung is not among the top 5 smartphone vendors in China, it aims to gain a competitive advantage through technological development. At the same time, IDC data shows that Apple will secure its position as China’s smartphone manufacturer, accounting for 17.3% of the market in 2023. Honor, Vivo, Huawei, and Oppo followed suit.

Launched in October, Ernie 4.0 was praised by Baidu as the most important model to date; He had great abilities such as perception, generation, perception and memory. Baidu says Ernie 4.0’s capabilities are comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, marking a significant improvement over previous online versions of the Ernie bot.

CEO Robin Li talked about the progress of Ernie 4.0 during the Baidu World 2023 event and said that it is currently at the same level as GPT-4. Baidu said its Ernie bot gained more than 100 million users within four months of its public launch, putting it in fierce competition with Tencent’s Hunyuan and Alibaba’s Uni-President Qianwen in China’s artificial intelligence space.

Despite Baidu’s best performance, the stock ran into problems in early 2024 following news that an organization affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was testing its capabilities on Ernie. Baidu immediately denied the allegations, saying it was not cooperating with the organization.

Sectoral intelligence company IDC predicts that many artificial intelligence features will be integrated into personal devices, especially smartphones, by 2024. This trend is driven by advances in semiconductor technology and reflects the continued evolution at the intersection of intelligence and consumer electronics.