Sharon Marie Huddle, The Ex-Wife Of The Golden State Killer


She is best known as the wife of Jr. Joseph, for whom she is known as the “Golden State Killer,” and she is an attorney in the United States. Sharon Marie Huddle is best known for her marriage to Jr. Joseph.

She is famous for allegedly owning law companies that specialize in real estate law, family law, and divorce law respectively. Where can we find Sharon Marie Huddle at this time? What kinds of challenges did she have to conquer while she was still a child? Is she engaging in any sort of debate or argument? Who did she end up marrying? Let’s find out.

Where Was Sharon Marie Huddle Raised?

Sharon Marie Huddle was born in 1953, and both of her parents brought her up in the community where she was born in.

Sharon Marie Huddle - The Golden State's Killer Ex-Wife Story

There is not a lot of information available about her life; the identities of her parents are not known. Because she is an introvert, she prefers to keep her life private and unassuming.

However, as she became an adult, she decided to pursue a career as a family law practitioner, and her parents were quite supportive of her decision to do so.

She’s been known to have vicious interpersonal skills and behavior ever since she was a toddler. After graduating from Juan High School, Sharon Marie Huddle continued her education at American River College.

She attended the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific, which is located in Sacramento, California, so that she could study law.

How Did Sharon Marie Huddle Pursue Her Career?

Huddle followed her aspirations and got a degree in law so she could pursue a job in the legal profession.

At this point in her career, she is recognized as a family law attorney, and the practice areas of her law firm include divorce, family law, and real estate law.

According to the information provided by the California State Bar, Sharon Marie Huddle possesses a valid license that enables her to comply with the standards and practice law in the state of California.

The family attorney submitted the paperwork necessary to have it admitted to the bar in 1982. In 1987, the license was dormant for a period of eight months before being reinstated into active status.

Despite this, the license is not contingent on the completion of any disciplinary action. During her time as a practicing attorney, Sharon Marie Huddle established a group that would later be known as the National Coalition Against Surrogacy.

When the state was debating whether or not to enact legislation regulating surrogacy for women, Sharon Marie Huddle helped found the organization that would later bear her name.

Sharon Marie Huddle’s Marriage

During her time as a student and while she was continuing her legal education, Sharon Marie Huddle Marie became acquainted with Joseph James DeAngelo, a police officer.

Sharon Marie Huddle and the police officer have begun dating and have expressed interest in getting married.

In 1973, when they were still in their early 20s, the pair tied the knot. At the time of the wedding, Sharon Marie Huddle was only 20 years old, and DeAngelo was 27 years old.

They had been married for a while when God decided to bless them with three daughters. 1981 marked the arrival of the family’s first daughter, while 1986 and 1989 saw the birth of the second and third daughters respectively.

Every one of the pupils is working toward a successful profession in the area that most excites them. At the moment, they are leading a life that is regimented and supported by others. One of the couple’s daughters works in an emergency room, and the other is currently pursuing her doctorate at a university.

During the time of his arrest, he was staying with one of his daughters as his primary residence.

Why was Sharon Marie Huddle Marie’s Husband Arrested?

On April 24, 2018, DeAngelo was taken into custody, and he was subsequently sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release.

As a result of his conviction for 13 killings and the kidnapping of an equal number of individuals, he was taken into custody. After a long time, he was suspected, and eventually determined to be guilty.

In addition to this, DeAngelo was found to be responsible for around fifty sexual assaults and more than one hundred break-ins. The crime that he perpetrated between the years 1974 and 1986, and in that span of time, he had achieved the peak of his illegal and criminal actions.

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Prior to engaging in any kind of criminal activity, DeAngelo worked as a police officer and was a member of the United States Navy.

However, there is no documentation that indicates whether Sharon Marie Huddle Marie was aware of the illicit acts her husband was engaged in or not. It’s likely that she was unaware of the nefarious and unlawful things he was doing.

Sharon Marie Huddle Marie’s Husband, Joseph James DeAngelo As A Criminal

It is said that he was working on a woodworking project in his garage at the time that he was taken into custody.

When the group finally got to him, the truck mechanic, who was 72 years old, requested for the roast that he had cooked up inside.

He is known as the Golden State Killer and is referred to by the authorities as a night roamer. He is also considered to be the Original Night Stalker.

Before moving to California, he had already raped at least 46 different women and was responsible for the murder of a young couple in the Sacramento region.

Sharon Marie Huddle - The Golden State's Killer Ex-Wife Story

Ten innocent people were brutally put to death when he was at home throughout the night.

In addition to having an aluminum fishing boat and a dirt bike, DeAngelo meticulously maintained his lawn by regularly trimming and raking it, and he clambered over many boulders to trim the grass by hand.

Where Is Sharon Marie Huddle Marie Now & What She Said On Her Husband’s Arrest?

After arresting her husband in 2018, she decided to make her voice heard. She disclosed that she would have trust issues as well as severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while speaking to the Daily Mail about the arrest of DeAngelo.

Sharon Marie Huddle was quoted as saying, “I will never be the same person; I now live every day with the knowledge of how he attacked and seriously affected the lives of hundreds of innocent people and murdered 13 innocent individuals who were loved and have now been missed for at least 40 years.”

Sharon Marie Huddle maintains a secluded life and does not discuss the matter in public; following the arrest of her husband, Sharon Marie Huddle fell into a deep depression after learning of her husband’s criminal activities. And I will never be able to match up to the person she was.

Her emotional and physical health, as well as her outlook on life, were negatively impacted by the criminal behavior of her spouse. Despite the fact that she had a wonderful life, her love for her spouse remained unwavering.