Welven Da Great DEAD? Is Deez Nuts Guy Dead? What the Rumor Means


It’s just a rumor that Welven Da Great DEAD? He is still alive. There was a rumor on the internet that Welven Da Great had died, but this is not true.

There are a lot of unwanted and false rumors on the internet that make millions of people nervous. A new rumor going around the internet says that Welven Da Great, a popular internet star, has died.

This is not the first time that rumors about the death of the Deez Nutz guy have been spread online. In July of last year, several Twitter users told others that Welven had died, and many people replied with their condolences.

Welven Da Great DEAD? Is Deez Nuts Guy Dead? What the Rumor Means

Who is Welven Da Great aka Deez Nutz Guy?

On the internet, Welven Da Great is known as the Deez Nutz guy. His real name is Welven Harris, and online memes often feature him. In 2015, Harris became well-known for the first time on the Internet.

He put up a video of himself in which he talked to his dad and made jokes about Deez Nuts. These became other words for his name. Harris told his father that Deez Nutz had come to the mailbox as a joke.

People put Welven’s voice saying “deez nutz” into all kinds of funny situations, and it became an image right away.

The Deez Nutz guy has heard different death deception Welven Da Great DEAD? because those are the things that web gods like to talk about. Last July, one of these pieces of gossip spread quickly on the Internet as many people shared their sympathy.

Anyhow, it was soon found out when one of Welven’s friends said he had talked to him the other day.

The latest rumor started when someone named Muscle Bound posted a video on YouTube that seemed to show a picture of Welven Da Great sleeping.

The video then showed pictures of Welven riding in vehicles and walking along roads while looking out for the count. The person who did the recording said that it was a shame that he seemed to be poor, and they said that Welven’s government probably took advantage of him.

Recently, a few different recordings on YouTube suggested that the Deez Nutz guy is homeless and living in the city.

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The phrase became a worldwide hit overnight among people who like memes and people who make them. Memes about Deez Nutz are still popular, and people will still use them in 2021. Also, a number of people have been using the phrase in funny ways.

Last year, there were rumors that Welven Da Great DEAD? and there were pictures online that seemed to show that he had.

Is Welven Da Great DEAD??

It’s just a rumor that Welven Da Great is DEAD. He is still alive. There was a rumor on the internet that Welven Da Great had died, but this is not true. Not long after the rumor started to spread, it was shown to be false.

People and Welven fans were quick to point out that the news about his death was just a rumor. He was seen taking photos with his fans, and he also posts a lot on social media.

Welven Da Great DEAD? Rumor Origin

Welven Da Great DEAD? Welven the Great is seen asleep on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in a video that has gone viral on the internet. Someone named Muscle Bound put the video on YouTube and said that the comedian is now homeless and sleeping on the street.

Several people on the internet thought that the Deez Nutz guy had died after seeing this video. But this is not true, and he is still alive.

Welven Da Great Dead and Hoax Explained

Welven has not died, and these lies about his death are not true. But Welven Da Great was always being picked on and killed by bullies on the internet, who spread rumors that he had died.

Welven Da Great DEAD? Is Deez Nuts Guy Dead? What the Rumor Means

Wolven’s cousin was in the video with him and told the people watching to stop picking on him and leave him alone. She said that Welven has a family and that they take care of him well.

Welven Da Great’s Social Media

Welven Da Great is very popular online. He has more than 112,000 people following him on Instagram. There are photos of him with famous people like DJ Khalid and Amber Rose on his official Instagram account.

Welven also has a channel on YouTube with more than 151,000 subscribers.