Xbox Series X Console Introduces Starfield and Camo Wrap Choices, says Microsoft


Microsoft has cleverly unveiled a stunning range of Xbox Series X console cases, strategically crafted to offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing distinct limited edition consoles. A notable example from this line is the upcoming Starfield Xbox console skin, which will debut on October 18th for a modest price of $49.99.

Unlike conventional stickers like those from Dbrand, these console cases feature a new way of attachment. Thanks to the ingenious application of velcro on velcro, the Starfield plastic case seamlessly hugs the Xbox Series X. What sets it apart is the incorporation of panels that remarkably echo the aesthetics of the coveted Starfield brand Xbox controller. Monique Chatterjee, the esteemed director of design at Xbox, explains that these cases cleverly highlight key internal components of the console, cleverly combining outlined access panels with graphics inspired by the game itself.

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Notably, the visuals embossed on the outside of the Starfield packaging are not only visually appealing but also tactile, providing a glossy white finish elsewhere. Delving further into the design, the inner fabric element closely follows the contours of the Xbox Series X console, giving it an air of sophistication and a secure fit. Microsoft plans to launch two captivating camouflage patterns starting November 10. Priced at $44.99 each, these offerings include a sleek gray variant and a charming blue “mineral” version. These patterns sync harmoniously with the pre-existing Arctic and Mineral Camo controllers, maintaining thematic resonance.

The development marks Microsoft’s debut in custom packaging for the Xbox console, a move reminiscent of when Xbox 360 owners had the luxury of customizing their consoles by changing the faceplate. Recently, Microsoft has focused mainly on custom-made Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles. However, the reveal of these new skins marks a departure from that approach, offering enthusiasts a way to achieve an authentic custom look without having to purchase a limited edition console.

The reveal of these console covers can be seen as Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s removable side panels introduced with the PS5. In parallel, Sony has ventured into the field of custom covers tailored for existing PS5 owners, along with an exclusive console bearing the prints of the iconic Spider-Man. This healthy competition between tech titans bodes well for gaming enthusiasts and ushers in an era of unique aesthetic customization and personalization.