TOP 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags


TOP 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags: The xResolvers is a novel and sophisticated method of storing publicly accessible data, such as gamers’ IP addresses, connected online accounts, and Gamertags. The xResolvers website is a trailblazer and a fresh step toward a more innovative future of online gaming.

TOP 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags

Customers’ Gamertags and IP addresses are recorded in the xResolvers database while they play on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Many market alternatives keep pace with the xResolvers database. We selected the top-rated xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags for this site.

What are Gamertags?

Gamertags are unique names that gamers use to designate their gaming characters in online multiplayer or roleplaying games. The Xbox Gamertag is an online alter ego that can help you take your gaming to the next level.

How to use xResolver?

Following is the step-by-step process to use xResolver:

  • Visit xResolver’s official Website
  • Choose your required option from Xbox Resolver or PlayStation
  • Type the Xbox Gamer tag to turn in the IP address
  • Click the “Resolve” option

xResolver Alternatives:

There are other solutions on the market for the xResolver to obtain IP by Gamertags. The Top 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags are shown below.

  1. OctoSniff
  2. Xboxonebooster
  3. PS4 Booster
  4. Lanc Remastered PCPS
  5. Xborxreplay
  6. Xboxresolover
  7. Pshycohoding
  8. Webresolver
  9. Bootyou

Top 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags:

The details regarding 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags are as follows:


Octosniff was an alternative tool to xResolver that was created in 2015. The alternative software is the first application to filter packets and decode the usernames included within them. The Octosniff tool was intended to address a lack of network security rather than a specific piece of software.

The alternate program, which blacklists IP addresses and protects some from DDoS attacks, has also attracted a good amount of attention. Although blacklisting costs $30, it is not the best strategy because you may be detected again.


Microsoft’s Xbox One is a well-known home gaming console device that was released in May 2013. After xResolver, Xboxonebooter is the best option to Grab IP by Gamertags for Xbox One. The website is one of the best alternatives for grabbing IP booters, IP grabbers, and IP pullers and retrieving IPs both online and offline.

You can use this application to sniff and obtain an IP address from the Xbox console. IP addresses can be captured using a network monitoring application or logger. It is the ideal tool for Xbox aficionados and gamers. The website is rated 216,572 and generates USD 1,100 in monthly revenue.

PS4 Booter:

PS4 is another well-known and popular home-based gaming console device created by Sony Ericson Pvt, Ltd. The PS4 Booter, like the Xboxoneboote, is a PS4 counter path. To boost IP addresses for PS4 players, the website employs the same analytical approach. The website retrieves and boots the IP addresses of PlayStation 4 players. You can use the PS4 booter to boot people offline using your PS4 console.

Lanc Remastered PCPS:

Lanc Remastered PCPS is a large network that allows you to search for any given Gamertag or username in their database. The website is another intriguing alternative database full of Gamertags, and a slew of bots comb the internet for Gamertags, usernames, and IP addresses, among other bits of information.

Finding this material is legal because it is already available online. Lanc PCPS makes use of a database as well as resolver platforms for Xbox Gamertags and PSN usernames. It is a free IP grabber and resolver that works with PC, Xbox, and PSN. With a monthly revenue of $ 600, the website is ranked 139,314 on Google.


XboxReplay is one of the most efficient ways to find all of your shared Xbox photos and movies. Sharing, viewing, and downloading your favorite Game DVR recordings on Xbox is never easy. The XboxReplay website is a futuristic approach built from the ground up with little advertising.

The program is free source and provides an easy way to share and expand your Game DVR. It is also an excellent tool for determining whether or not a fellow player is compatible with common gaming systems. The gamer’s IP address, city, username, and geolocation are simply captured by the algorithms. To avoid being in the company of hackers, you may see who is playing in real-time.


Another viable option for gamers to discover any IP address using their Gamertag is XboxResolver. If you view someone’s Gamertag for free, the website is the quickest approach to uncover their IP address. The website has a stable Google rating and is worth USD 3,700.


Pshycohoding is a VPN service provider that pulls important information from other players and is another viable alternative to Xresolver. The website allows you to obtain dynamic Xbox filters, packet filters, and DDoS protection, allowing you to easily extract vital player information while recording player IPs. The website also serves as an Xbox IP puller and a VPN service provider.


Webresolver is a Skype utility that determines people’s IP addresses based on their geographic location. The SSL registered website is a valid way to obtain an IP address utilizing their database for a weekly fee of $ 8. With a global rating of 616,343, the website has 792 unique daily visitors and 1,188 page views.


Bootyou is a better alternative to xResolver because it includes PSN and Skype resolvers, geolocation lookup, IP ping, and domain name. The HTTPS encrypted website uses safe and hashed data sources, and it accepts cryptocurrency as well as more traditional payment methods.

TOP 10 xResolver Alternatives to Grab IP by Gamertags

The website gets high grades for dependability and affordability. The Bootyou website receives 2,000 views every day and has a helpful customer service team that can be reached via Skype, email, and live chat.

After xResolver, another good alternative website that can bring down any game server and send DDoS assaults for free is The website is rated #227595 in the United States, with daily traffic of 62.2K visitors.

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