A Russian passenger plane lands on a frozen river by accident


As a result of a pilot error, a Soviet-era Antonov-24 aircraft that was carrying thirty passengers made an emergency landing on a frozen river close to an airfield in the far east of Russia on Thursday, according to the transport prosecutors. A Russian passenger plane lands on a frozen river by accident.

According to the prosecution, the Polar Airlines An-24 made a safe landing on the Kolyma River close to Zyryanka, located in the Yakutia neighborhood.

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A spokeswoman for the Eastern Siberian transport prosecutor issued a statement stating, “Preliminary information indicates that the cause of the aviation incident was an error made by the crew while they were piloting the aircraft.”

The prosecution released photographs of the airplane resting on a frozen river. There were photographs of passengers disembarking that were published in the daily Izvestia.

“The An-24 aircraft landed outside of the runway of the Zyryanka airport,” Polar Airlines said in a brief statement shortly after reaching the airport.

The statement stated that there were no casualties.