According to the WHO the strikes in Gaza delayed the supply of medical supplies.


The Israeli assaults on Gaza, according to the president of the World Health Organisation (WHO), impeded the delivery of medical supplies to the besieged Palestinian enclave on Tuesday. According to the WHO the strikes in Gaza delayed the supply of medical supplies.

After receiving a warning from the Israeli army, the WHO relocated medical supplies from the Khan Younis warehouse to a smaller warehouse in Rafah, according to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a post on X.

“As a consequence, the scheduled pharmaceutical deliveries to Doctors Without Borders and the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees for their medical facilities were delayed,” Tedros explained.

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“Our deliveries to hospitals in #Gaza have already been disrupted by the movement, which will continue to do so in the face of extensive armed conflict and a shortage of personnel on the ground,” he explained.

“A steady and secure supply of medical aid is required to treat the people of Gaza,” he continued.

Tedros declared on Monday that the WHO had been notified by the Israeli army to “immediately remove supplies from our medical warehouse in southern Gaza, as ground operations will render them useless.”

Israel recommenced its military offensive on Palestinian territory on Friday, following the conclusion of a humanitarian halt with the Palestinian organization Hamas that spanned a week.

More than 43,616 Palestinians have been injured, and at least 16,248 have been slain in ceaseless air and ground assaults against the enclave since October 7, when Hamas launched a cross-border assault.

Official figures place the number of Israeli casualties in the Hamas assault at 1,200.