An aircraft seized in France for trafficking purposes arrives in India.


On Tuesday, a jet that had been grounded in France for several days due to worries that it was involved in a human trafficking operation arrived in India. Additionally, the plane’s passengers avoided questioning from the media as they hastily fled the busy Mumbai airport.

An aircraft seized in France for trafficking purposes arrives in India. Initially, the Airbus A340 was scheduled to arrive in Nicaragua; however, it was detained on Thursday at Vatry Airport, located east of Paris. The airport was where the aircraft had stopped to refuel.

It had initially arrived from the United Arab Emirates. Still, it was stopped after receiving a report from an unknown source that it was transporting individuals who might be victims of human trafficking.

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On the jet that arrived in Mumbai before daybreak on Tuesday, there were 276 passengers out of the total of 303 people who were initially listed as passengers on the list.

When passengers finally started going out onto the concourse four hours later, they refused to speak to the big gathering of media waiting for them. They covered their faces to conceal their identities.

India’s government has yet to state the return of the individuals, and it was not apparent whether the authorities had questioned the individuals who had arrived. A pair of individuals who were being questioned by the French authorities for possible involvement in human trafficking were among those who remained in France. After it was determined that the passengers had boarded the jet of their own free will, they were released, according to a source familiar with the legal system.