Apple Releases Security Update to Enhance Protection Against Theft


Apple has released an important security update for the iPhone designed to protect against access to personal information stored on the device. The announcement showing the “Personal Protection” feature within the scope of the iOS 17.3 update was made on Monday. By updating their iPhones, users can go to Face ID & Passcode, enter their password, and then scroll down to the stolen option and open it. BT.

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For Device Protection to work, users must have two-step authentication and have Find My Apple ID enabled on their account.

Before this update, iPhone users only needed a passcode to access sensitive data and make important changes to the device. Device Protection now requires users to enter biometric information via Face ID (facial scan) or Touch ID (fingerprint) to access or change information.

For more important tasks like changing Apple ID passwords, managing biometric scanning settings, disabling Find Me, or locking stolen devices, users will undergo two-step biometric verification. This includes a security delay of one hour after the initial biometric login before the user can re-enter the biometric information to complete the transaction.

An Apple spokesperson spoke about the company’s commitment to building strong defenses against threats, saying: “As threats to our customers interconnect, we are constantly working to improve the protection of our users and their information. In the unlikely event that a thief observes the user entering their password and then steals the device, Device Protection adds a new method of protection. “

It is worth noting that these additional security measures are only activated when the user leaves a known location (such as an office or home).