Riot Games Announces Layoffs of 530 Employees and Closure of Riot Forge


League of Legends developer Riot Games announced layoffs affecting 530 employees, or 11%. CEO Dylan Jadeja announced the news in an update on Riot’s website, stating that the laid-off employees will mostly focus on the team “outside of core development.” Affected workers will receive at least six months of severance pay, benefits, and general support including equipment assistance, job placement assistance, insurance health supplements, and more.

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Riot Games also downgraded Legends of Runeterra, citing poor performance despite the company’s efforts. The focus will now shift to the Path of Champions PvE game mode and team sizes will be reduced. Additionally, Riot Forge, a publishing company focused on games set in the League of Legends universe, will be shutting down following the release of Bandle Tale on February 24.

Dylan Jadeja explains the reasons behind the resignations, saying that prices have become unstable and there has been no focus on the outcome of the company’s expansion and diversification since 2019. Riot tried to correct the situation by narrowing the project, reducing costs, and slowing down the work but found that these measures were not enough.

Jadeja acknowledged that Riot needs to refocus its operations on areas that provide the most value and real value. necessary. The company’s presentation in early February will include more updates about its products.

Dylan Jadeja will take over as captain in May 2023, replacing Nicolo Laurent after six years in charge. Previously, Riot laid off 46 employees in January 2023 due to a change in strategy.

Riot Forge was founded in 2019 to collaborate with external studios to create unique League of Legends games that focus on each other’s experience. However, Riot Forge’s closure signaled a shift in strategy to a more commercial and profitable one.