Evaluation: Ugreen’s four-Port GaN X USB-C Charger offers up to 100W Output in a Compact design


All people invested inside the Apple atmosphere will have needed to confront the want for multiple USB-C ports whilst they may be home and away, with iPhones, iPads, and Macs all vying for connectivity these days. But in many instances, there may be nonetheless a lingering want for USB-A to rate older gadgets, and that’s where Ugreen’s four-in-1 100W GaN X rapid Charger is available on hand.

The charger packs 3 USB-C ports in conjunction with an unmarried USB-A port, however notwithstanding that throwback it offers the brand new Gallium Nitride era, which is famous with current electricity adapters as it permits for higher energy performance that consequences in smaller product designs extra desirable for the tour.

I had the opportunity to test Ugreen’s multi-port charger in both its united kingdom and US versions, and the primary issue to be aware of is that the USA version is the more transportable design. it’s a slim square brick that fits in the palm of your hand – it’s a little smaller than Apple’s 67W UK charger that comes with the 14-inch MacBook seasoned, and blessings from the 2-pin A plug’s ability to fold away in the body.

by using assessment, the UK model has extra of a bulky cuboid form with rounded corners, and the 3-pin D plug isn’t foldaway or retractable, making it tougher to slide it neatly right into a journey bag without snagging on something.

Other than that, both models are functionally the same and function a built-in “electricity-X” power shipping system which could intelligently modify the strength output to defend a device’s battery. Essentially, the power distribution machine permits the charger to modify the power supplied to each port primarily based on what’s plugged in. The pinnacle ports are able to deliver a maximum of 100W, whilst the third is able to up to 22.5W, and the bottom USB-A port offers 22.5W.

Ugreen claims that this indicates it could charge an iPhone thirteen to 60% in 30 minutes or fully price a 16-inch MacBook seasoned in 1.5 hours, and thanks to the latest GaN chipset, it is three instances quicker than Apple’s general iPhone charger. The one’s claims stood as much as scrutiny in my checks, although the big caveat right here of course is that the best practice is when one device is plugged into the charger and within the relevant port for its electricity requirements.

Ugreen includes a graphic (shown above) that explains the variable wattage of the distinct ports based on what’s plugged in. as an example, if you have gadgets connected to the primary  (100W) ports, the top port outputs 65W and the second port grants just 30W.

As you’ll anticipate, the charger’s power output receives divvied up similarly to the extra gadgets you join. For example, whilst all 4 ports are occupied, the primary (100W) port tops out at 45W, so you need to do not forget what you are plugging in case you need to prioritize a particular device for instant charging at maximum wattage.

Unluckily neither the us nor the United Kingdom version has the max wattage marked at the man or woman ports, so I wasn’t constantly certain which port becomes the proper one to use to get, say, the full 100W to strengthen my MacBook seasoned, but it did not take too long for me to memorize them so I did not should maintain referring again to the covered manual. Remembering all of the variable combinations but is a little more intricate – it is higher off honestly accepting that the more gadgets you’re charging, the longer they’ll all take to reach full battery potential.

The chargers also function as an “Over Temperature safety” gadget that takes five temperature readings every second for extra safety, which is the form of character that’s now not obvious but is though desirable to know exists.