Exploring the Possibility: Could ChatGPT Become the Default Voice Assistant on Android Phones?


Android users will soon see ChatGPT as the first voice assistant, allowing them to perform various commands such as checking the weather, monitoring local traffic, and receiving messages. Recent reports suggest that Google is considering allowing users to change the voice assistant’s voice on Android, a role traditionally performed by Google Assistant.

Although Google has not released details about this major change, reliable sources Mishaal Rahman said that Android is preparing for this update in the coming months. The ChatGPT app on Android offers the possibility of making an OpenAI-enabled chatbot an optional feature on Android phones.

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It is worth noting that Google is considering these changes, especially considering that ChatGPT rival Gemini Nano has launched for the Pixel 8 Pro model. In addition, Google Assistant will change to integrate with Bard AI in the coming weeks, thus increasing its competition with ChatGPT.

However, the value of assistants’ voice evidence in delivering results should not be underestimated, especially when compared to powerful but untested smartphone AI chatbots. OpenAI has recently been criticized for providing vague information regarding access rights, leading to legal action by authors and media organizations. Until OpenAI addresses data privacy concerns, users will likely rely on Google’s existing features to avoid privacy risks associated with AI chatbots accessing mobile phones.