I personally witnessed Samsung’s unveiling of a transparent microLED TV at CES 2024


Samsung recently unveiled its full 2024 TV lineup and surprised CES 2024 attendees with a unique addition. Despite microLED TVs not dominating CES headlines in recent years, Samsung demonstrated its commitment to the category by introducing a new transparent version of the display.

While see-through TVs have been seen before, this is the first example of a see-through microLED display designed to resemble an actual TV with a bezel-less glass look. Although the prototype shown featured 3D overlays in demos of football matches and fireworks, it’s important to note that this is still more of a proof of concept than a fully developed product.

Samsung debuts the world's first transparent MicroLED screen at CES 2024

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Recent reports suggest that microLED kits may not become mainstream until the early 2030s. However, the concept of a transparent TV encourages speculation about its possible integration into living spaces. Samsung’s prototype involved placing two clear microLED panels next to each other in a wide presentation, creating a rather cheesy but functional depth effect. Despite the distraction caused by the image running behind the transparent display, the TV viewing experience was captivating when viewed from a blind spot.

In terms of performance compared to Samsung’s existing microLED models available for purchase, the transparent version showed more vivid color reproduction and sharper animations. The idea of ​​having a transparent microLED TV at the base of a bed or by a window that allows users to watch TV while maintaining visibility of their surroundings seems interesting, but can be a costly endeavor.

Samsung has not given a specific timeline for the availability of the transparent microLED TV. As a prototype, it serves as a glimpse into the potential evolution of microLED technology, similar to the early stages of Samsung’s microLED prototype, colloquially known as The Wall, which preceded its consumer-ready version.