Google Aims to Replace Passwords with ‘Passkeys’ as the Default Choice


Google is on a mission to render passwords obsolete, introducing a new approach by encouraging users to create passkeys for unlocking accounts and devices through fingerprint, facial recognition, or PIN numbers.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Google emphasized the benefits of passkeys, noting that they eliminate the need to remember passwords, are more efficient to use, and offer enhanced security. While Google initially introduced support for passkeys in May, the company has now made it the default option for password creation.

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Google’s vision for the future is clear: “We’ll continue encouraging the industry to pivot to passkeys — making passwords a rarity, and eventually obsolete,” as stated in their blog post.

However, Google will still support traditional passwords, and users can opt out of using passkeys by disabling the “skip password when possible” feature in their account settings.

Passkeys are already used as alternatives to passwords in various apps, including YouTube, Search, Maps, Uber, and eBay. Also, according to the blog post, WhatsApp is in the process of incorporating this technology.

The FIDO Alliance, a security consortium with prominent tech companies as members, has played a pivotal role in standardizing passkeys. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google have collaborated to make passkeys a reality.

Apple introduced its passkey option with the launch of iOS 16, enabling users to employ this technology across various apps, including Apple Wallet. Passkey support was initially introduced on Chrome and Android devices in October 2022.