Google Messages may soon offer text editing.


Although Google continually experiments with new user-experience-improving features, only some are incorporated into a product or service. Google Messages may soon offer text editing. Although the features are frequently not made available to the public, individuals are still aware of the developments occurring in the background. Developing Google features is commonly concealed behind indicators, but one individual has uncovered new Message development.

Four markers discovered by TheSpAndroid in the most recent Messages APK indicate that Google is attempting to enable users to alter sent texts. Although the feature is not yet operational, the indicators suggest that the edited message will be reflected on both the sender’s and recipient’s end.

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Additionally, whether Google will affirm the feature or continue to develop and release message editing for all users is still being determined.

Messages have undergone some updates by the organization in recent months, with many of these modifications appearing to be an effort to compete with related services. One instance of the implementation of artificial intelligence is the Photomoji function, which enables users to generate decals from their photographs.

Additional visual effects have been incorporated, including animated transitions that appear on-screen in response to the input of specific phrases (e.g., “It is snowing”).

However, there are other competitors besides Apple’s iMessage from which Google draws inspiration. For example, flags were observed to have a feature similar to Telegram that enabled users to long-press a message to initiate a reaction animation. However, similar functionalities have been observed on additional messaging platforms like WhatsApp. In broad terms, Google is attempting to regain ground.

Regardless, the growing prevalence of Rich Communication Services (RCS) is expected to influence the competition among messaging applications. Apple’s 2024 release of RCS support for iOS will reduce compatibility challenges encompassing media quality and character limits. UI features optimized for compatibility with multiple operating systems may enable organizations to allocate more resources toward development.

The recent code, which suggests that Google is developing a feature for modifying messages, was discovered in a beta build of Messages on November 19. Its official launch is highly improbable for at least a few weeks if it ever occurs because it is currently concealed behind flags and cannot be enabled.

Google appears committed to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of Messages, irrespective of its eventual non-release. These kinds of features have the potential to assist the company in staying abreast of advancements made by its major technology competitors.