Hard Knocks with Jets is set to premiere on August 8.


Hard Knocks with Jets is set to premiere on August 8. HBO has announced that the launch of the new season of the training camp chronicle will take place on August 8 of this year. The show, created in partnership with NFL Films, will continue to air every week for four more episodes after its initial premiere, and the final episode of the season will be broadcast on September 5.

“NFL Films has a long and storied relationship with the Jets, from the early days of the AFL and Joe Namath’s “#1″ salute after Super Bowl III to The Sack Exchange and the team’s first appearance on Hard Knocks amid back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances,” NFL Films executive producer Patrick Kelleher stated in a statement. 

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It is impossible to overstate the 2010 Jets’ impact on Hard Knocks’ profile and success. The spectators had a good time watching football thanks to that Jets team. And today, we are thrilled to announce a new relationship with this legendary organization and HBO to write another chapter in the annals of both the National Football League and the history of television, one that will be packed with beautiful characters and a roster that is working hard to achieve even greater success.

After making their initial appearance on Hard Knocks, the Jets advanced to the AFC Championship Game, and the squad will be looking for a similar level of success in their first season with Aaron Rodgers at the helm of the offense.