Highly Anticipated Changes Arrive with Xbox Series X/S Massive System Update


Xbox enthusiasts are in for a treat today as Starfield, one of the most anticipated games, is officially out. In case you somehow missed this momentous occasion (though it seems unlikely), today is the official release of Starfield. While some lucky people have already explored the game in early access, it is now available to everyone.

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Starfield evoked a wide range of opinions, more so than many of us expected. I had the honor of reviewing the game here at GAMINGbible and gave it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Our review enthuses, “Every now and then a game redefines our perception of what the gaming industry can achieve. Game. It goes beyond our understanding of an open-world game. Bethesda has created a universe that, despite its vastness, maintains engagement and shows remarkable attention to detail.” Amazingly, the game has already attracted over two million players. If you’re going to dive into Starfield on your Xbox, you’ll also notice some major system changes as Microsoft rolls out a massive update.

This latest update is full of much-requested changes. The main feature is the ability for all Xbox users to stream directly from their console to Discord. Although this feature was announced some time ago, it was previously in the testing phase through the Xbox Insiders program. The testing phase is over and this feature will be available to all users soon.

In addition, the update brings revisions to the variable refresh rate settings for Series X/S consoles. Starting this week, you can choose to enable VRR. To make this adjustment, go to General Settings, then TV & Display Options, then Video. A drop-down menu will offer the option to adjust the VRR settings.

Finding rewards has now become a breeze. Simply press the Xbox button to open the guide and rewards are easily accessible by clicking on the Profile and System page. Found an online friend you’d like to play with? You can now select “Ask to join a game” when viewing their profile.

Here’s an exciting one: you can now pair a console device without having to get up and press the pairing button on the console. Instead, just open the Xbox Accessories app and select the new “Connect a device” option. Check out the Xbox Blog for a full list of updates. It’s an exciting day for Xbox players with the launch of Starfield and these user-friendly system updates to enhance your gaming experience.