How Much Does TV Repair Cost ?


How Much Does TV Repair Cost: The cost of repairing a TV screen might be far more than the cost of buying a new one. As a result, replacing or fixing a broken TV screen is not a viable option.

A new Samsung 40-inch LED TV, for example, costs around $400, whereas a replacement display panel for this model costs around $380. This price just includes the replacement part; it does not include diagnostic, labor, travel, or shipping costs.

The majority of TV and electronics repair shops do not provide broken TV screen repair. BestBuy’s 90-day guarantee, for example, does not include broken TV screen replacement as a covered issue.

Repairing a Cracked TV Screen.

How Much Does TV Repair Cost

Cracked TV screen repair is not possible unless you’re trying to fix a TV from the 1980s or earlier; instead, the complete display panel must be replaced. A replacement TV display panel costs more than a new TV, and that’s before labor and other service fees are factored in.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the repair of a cracked or damaged TV screen.

Cost of a New TV Screen

The cost of replacing a TV screen is usually the same as or higher than the cost of purchasing a new television. As a result, replacing a broken or malfunctioning television screen is not a practical alternative. If the TV is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the complete unit may be replaced.

Replacement TV screen panels are kept on hand by TV makers to assist items under warranty in the event that the screen fails due to a manufacturer defect.

If you still need to replace a broken or malfunctioning TV screen, your best bet is to look for a used replacement panel or a broken TV of the same type with a working screen. You might be able to find one on eBay and hire a technician to replace the panel.

Depending on the model and size, a used replacement TV panel might cost anywhere from $50 to $350 or more, not including shipping. It’s worth noting that the possibilities of obtaining the exact part you need in good condition are small, and the price does not include the cost of installation by a repair business.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Common TV Issues?

Depending on the type of repair and the brand of TV being repaired, the cost to correct typical faults ranges from $60 to $350 for LCD, LED, plasma, and 4K (Ultra HD) TVs.

Because there could be multiple causes for these repair issues, a technician should spend time narrowing down the particular issue. Replacement of damaged components is used to repair televisions.

Replacement of the motherboard.

The cost of replacing the motherboard on a television ranges from $200 to $350, or roughly $275 on average, including components and labor. Motherboard replacement parts cost between $35 and $199, while labor costs between $60 and $125.

Repairing the inverter on a television.

A TV inverter repair costs between $104 and $171, including parts and labor, with an average cost of $138 for one inverter board and $178 for two inverter boards. The typical labor cost for TV inverter repair is $97 per hour, with parts ranging from $7 to $74.

The purpose of an inverter board in television is to provide electricity to the screen’s backlight. A few hundred volts are required by the inverter board. If the inverter board fails, the TV will turn on and play sound, but no picture will appear.

When a component in an inverter fails, it is normally replaced rather than repaired. When the capacitors on a converter board fail, a technician can repair the problem by replacing the capacitors rather than the complete inverter. Replacement of the capacitors may be the sole choice for TV inverter repair if a whole inverter board replacement is not available for the model of TV being repaired.

Replacement of a television bulb.

The cost of replacing a flat-screen TV bulb ranges from $60 to $115, with most homeowners spending $84 for components and labor. Replacement bulbs cost anything from $18.50 to $80.

Lamp burnout, which is both frequent and expected, might cause an older model LCD TV or projection TV to turn on with sound but no picture. In this situation, changing the bulb will solve the issue. A skilled technician should be able to swiftly and easily replace the bulb.

Samsung uses customized LED light modules in its 50-inch rear-projection HDTVs (1080 megapixels) that can be replaced.

Backlight Repair Cost

How Much Does TV Repair Cost

In a repair shop, a TV backlight repair costs $100 to $122, including replacement parts and labor. Due to transportation fees, in-house repair prices are higher. Backlight replacement parts cost between $2.50 and $25 for each LED and $20 to $25 for each CCFL strip.

If your TV’s CCFL strips are no longer available, a technician can switch the backlight from CCFL to LED using the same amount of strips. LED strips range in price from $12 to $30 per strip.

To power the LEDs, a new inverter may be required, which will cost between $7 and $74 before work, or an average of $40. A repair company may be able to convert a CCFL backlight to LED without the need for a new inverter in some situations.

Power Supply Board Repair Cost

For parts alone, repairing a TV power supply board costs $23 to $234. The cost of materials and labor to replace the power supply board is $250. If one of the capacitors fails, new capacitors are inexpensive. However, it is more cost-effective for the technician to replace the complete board rather than spend time diagnosing and replacing individual bad capacitors.

Repairing the HDMI port and the circuit board.

The cost of repairing an HDMI port on a television ranges from $93 to $302. The input circuit board to which the HDMI port is connected may be damaged and must be replaced in some situations. Replacement of this input circuit board costs between $200 and $350, including labor.

TV Capacitor Repair

The cost of repairing a TV capacitor ranges from $60 to $129, including components and labor. The new item costs between $0.06 to $14, with labor costs ranging from $60 to $125 per hour. TV capacitors safeguard the circuit from excessive power, and filter signals, and make channel switching easier.

When a TV capacitor fails, it cannot be repaired; it must be replaced. If your TV stops operating while you’re watching it and emits ammonia or bleach-like odor, it’s likely that a capacitor has blown. Some capacitors, on the other hand, do not emit any odor when they blow.

Replacement Glass

Replacement glass for flat screens is not available. Optical glass glue, which costs $1.70 for a 5-ml tube, is the only alternative for flat-screen TV glass repair. If the crack is simply a few inches long or less, this may be an option for TV glass repair. The glass is glued to the display panel and the TV panels are created as a single unit at the manufacturer.

Picture Tube

The cost of a TV image tube repair ranges from $149 to $249, depending on the size of the TV and the location of the repair.

CRT repair at home costs between $199 and $249. Repairing a CRT picture tube costs $199 for a television with a screen size of 27 inches or less and $249 for a television with a screen size of 28 inches or greater.

Repair rates in a repair business range from $149 for a TV with a screen size of 27 inches or less to $199 for a TV with a screen size of 28 inches or greater.

Picture tubes, also known as cathode-ray tubes (CRTs), were used in older televisions that had inferior image quality and were bigger and heavier than modern televisions.

Fuse Repair

A TV fuse repair can cost anywhere from $61 to $136, with most people spending around $99 on average. The replacement fuse costs between $1.50 and $11, while labor costs between $60 and $125 per hour. There may be additional charges.

Panel Repair Cost

Repairing an LCD flat panel is not considered cost-effective. It is cheaper to replace the entire TV rather than repair or replace the display panel if the glass is cracked or the display is physically damaged.

Estimating TV Repair Costs By Type

TV repair shops do not provide estimates for TV repairs by brand, but they do provide basic prices by kind. In the common repair price list above, you’ll find exact repair rates for your television. Samsung, LG, Sanyo, TCL, Insignia, HiSense, Sony, Toshiba, Pioneer, and Vizio are all included in the pricing.

Repairing more popular TVs is frequently less expensive since repair companies order replacement parts in quantity, allowing them to purchase them at a lower price.

Flat-Screen TV Repair

The cost of repairing a flat-screen TV ranges from $42 to $359. A cracked screen cannot be repaired, but a new flat-panel TV can cost anywhere from $249 for a 1080p (non-4K) LED TV from LG to $14,999 for an 85-inch 8K LED TV from Samsung. A “flat TV” or “flat-screen” television could be any of the following:

  • LCD TV
  • LED TV (LCD lit by LED)
  • Plasma screen
  • 4K TV (Ultra HD)
  • Smart TV

LCD TV Repair

Diagnostics and repairs for LCD TVs typically cost $60 to $85 for diagnostics and $200 to $300 for repairs. LCD televisions rely on backlighting, which might fail. LED strips are used in the illumination of newer LCD televisions. CCFL may be used by the elderly. A technician can replace CCFL backlighting with LED backlighting if it fails.


LED TV Repair

An LED television is just an LCD television with LED backlighting, which all modern versions include (older models use CCFL backlighting). The cost of replacing one LED backlighting strip, including materials and labor, ranges from $100 to $122.

4K TV (Ultra HD) Repair

Depending on the manufacturer and model, replacing the motherboard, inverter, or LEDs in a 4K TV might cost anywhere from $100 to $275 or more. The cost of a 4K TV screen repair is immaterial because it cannot be repaired or replaced for less than the cost of a new 4K TV.

Projection TV Repair

TVs with digital light processing (DLP) are also referred to as projection TVs. DLP huge screens haven’t been manufactured since 2012, and DLP TV repair is usually not worth the money unless the lamp has burned out and can be replaced. Bulb replacement costs range from $60 to $115.

If any repairs are required, the cost of restoring a television could reach $500. Consumer Reports advises not to fix an old television for more than half the price of a new one.

If you have a more recent television that costs thousands of dollars, getting it repaired is probably the most cost-effective option. If the TV was only a few hundred dollars, to begin with, replacing it is more cost-effective.

Remember that even if your TV is in great working order when it returns from the repair shop, it still has older components that could fail.

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