How old is Adele’s son? Everything to Know


How old is Adele’s son Angelo Adkins?  As at the time of writing, Angelo Adkins is ten years old. On October 19, 2012, Adele gave birth to her first child. She is a kid who grew up in the spotlight. Adele, a British singer, and songwriter who has won multiple awards gave birth to their son and only child with her ex-husband, Simeon Konecki. He is an only kid.

Angelo Adkins’s father was a successful investment banker as well as a generous benefactor. Despite this, Angelo chose to remain out of the limelight.

A divorce occurred between Angelo Adkins’s parents. In spite of the fact that his parent’s marriage did not work out, he is the primary reason why they continue to get along so well.

How old is Adele’s son Angelo Adkins?

Adele and her former husband, Simon Konecki, are the parents of their son Angelo, who is 10 years old.

How old is Adele's son Angelo Adkins? 

The former couple welcomed their child exactly one year after they first started dating in 2012, and they married the knot in May of the following year.

The couple initially filed for divorce in September 2019, and it was finalized the following year in 2020.

A spokeswoman for Adele stated, at the time that the news of their separation was made public, that the couple was “dedicated to raising their son together lovingly.” They make the same request for privacy every time. There will be no further discussion on this matter.”

Angelo’s parents, Adele and his ex-wife, both live in the Beverly Hills area, which makes it convenient for them to share parenting responsibilities.

Adele made it abundantly plain to Angelo when he was three years old that despite her international renown, she wanted him to be as grounded as is humanly possible.

During the course of an interview, the singer stated, “I’m quite self-conscious that I have a kid, and I don’t want him to be one of those who grow up being like ‘Driver, driver! I have nothing to wear that isn’t dirty!’ So, have you washed them before using them? I really don’t want him to develop in such a way when he’s older. I am acutely aware of the situation.”

Adele’s Ex-Husband, Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki is the Chief Executive Officer of a charitable organization. He was born in April 1974.

His early life was spent in New York, but when he was 10 years old, he moved to London with his family and has lived there ever since.

Despite the fact that Simon and Adele are no longer together, they have remained on friendly terms.

During a recent conversation with Vogue, Adele opened up about the days leading up to her split from her husband, saying, “I was just going through the motions, and I wasn’t happy.”

“Neither one of us did anything that was inappropriate. There was no fighting or anything like that between the two of us. It was just that I want my youngster to observe that I truly love and am loved by others. It is of the utmost significance to me.

She explained that she was just not happy in her relationship and didn’t want to end up “miserable,” which is what she admitted she could see herself becoming if she didn’t leave the relationship. She also didn’t want to end up “miserable” because she didn’t want to finish up “miserable.”

She went on to explain that the motivation behind her departure was “the quest of my own pleasure.” “If I can attain that goal,” she said, “then I will have succeeded.”

Does Adele reference her son Angelo Adkins in her new album?

In an interview that will be published in Vogue, Adele discusses how her son found the breakup to be “tough,” and she does so just before the release of her new album.

She added, “Maybe I’ll be able to forgive myself for it if I can find that happiness and if he sees me in that happiness.”

She began writing her new album in order to be more open with her son Angelo about the breakup of his parent’s marriage.

How old is Adele's son Angelo Adkins? 

“He has a lot of basic questions for me, but I can’t answer them because I don’t know the answers,” she said. Such as, Why are we unable to continue to live together? That is not typical behavior for persons going through the divorce process. However, why not? I’m like, “I don’t even know f***ing that,”

She stated in Vogue that: “This is not how our culture operates. And: What changed that you no longer love my dad? And I’d be like, I do adore your dad. I’m just not in love. A child of that age wouldn’t understand what I’m saying even if I tried.

Even though most of the songs on her upcoming album will be about her split, she clarified that it is not an album about her divorce: “He is not a former boyfriend of mine. He is my child’s biological father,”

“It was more a matter of me divorcing myself,” she said. I’m not trying to be rude or anything; I just want you to get your act together, you f***in’ hot mess!

Adele Shared a Cute Story About Her Son

It’s hard to believe that the first time Angelo saw his mother perform live was at the taping of Adele’s One Night Only special in October of last year, but she revealed that tidbit during the event when she gave him a shout-out. It’s impossible to believe. During the event, she shared with the audience that “my son is watching me perform for the very first time.” “Baby, it is the utmost privilege of my entire existence to have you here with me tonight.”

Adele related a wonderful anecdote about her son finding out through Adele’s Instagram account that his mother was a well-known celebrity. She shared this story with Oprah Winfrey, saying, “Then he was like, ‘People really like you.'” “He’s starting to get it, but not really,” I said. “He’s getting it, but not really.”

When he attended a Taylor Swift concert with the singer, the idea that his mother might be a very famous person started to become more real to him. “Because he used to come to my stadium shows for my rehearsals when there was nobody there,” she said. She said, “He’s like, ‘So many people come to her shows,’ because I’d make him leave before they all arrived,” which is why he thinks there are so many people there. “It was adorable and hilarious all at the same time.”

Adele Wrote the Song “Remedy” About Her Son in 2015

During the time that Adele was working on her third studio album, 25, she didn’t want to focus too much on her son Angelo since, as she noted in an interview with a local newspaper, “all my fans aren’t parents.”

However, the song “Remedy” from the album is described in the media as “a maternal love song.” This song became a standout track on the album after her producer, Ryan Tedder, came up with both the title and the melody for the song.

Mr. Tedder remarked that she responded right away by stating, “This is about my kid.” “That unlocked the meaning of the entire lyric. And on that very day, it was finished, written, and recorded. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Adele acknowledged that the song was based on her son Angelo. She explained, “I wrote it about my child.” However, I sang it for all of the people that I care about deeply. Because I believed in myself while I was writing it, I was able to regain my lost confidence in my writing.

Despite the fact that she is a famous musician, Adele has a sweet loving connection with her only son, Angelo Adkins, whom she frequently brings up in her interviews.


How old is Angelo, Adele’s son?

Adele honored her ex-husband Konecki and her 9-year-old son Angelo after she won the 2022 BRIT Award for album of the year.

When Adele had her child, how old was she?

When Adele was 24 years old, she gave birth to her son Angelo. At the time, the singer of “Someone Like You” was dating Simon Konecki, the father of Angelo. However, the couple has since broken up.

What happened to the son of Adele?

Adele gave her son the name Angelo Adkins, adopting her own last name. Having started dating in 2011, she married Simon Konecki in 2018, and they had their only child together before divorcing in 2021.