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How to pay passport fee online?

Online passport fee payments vary by country and government. I can provide a summary of the steps:

  • Passport Site: Your country’s passport agency or Ministry of Foreign Affairs can answer questions about passports and travel papers.
  • Profile creation: Many passport applications need account setup. Personal, contact, and password information is usually required.
  • Passport Request: Enter your full name, date of birth, passport details, and other relevant information to request a new passport.
  • Payment Method: There are several payment options at checkout. Payments can be made online.
  • Payment Information: Enter your credit card information (debit cards may be accepted in your country).
  • Check out: Before proceeding, verify all details, including payment. To avoid errors, double-check everything.
  • Make Payment: Once satisfied with the service, you can proceed. The system will confirm the payment for you.
  • Receive Confirmation: Your passport application and payment will likely be confirmed. Email or online confirmation may be provided. Bookmark this confirmation.
  • The Follow-Up: After payment, follow the instructions on the website. You may need to schedule appointments, download papers, or visit passport offices.

These are broad suggestions; your country’s passport application system may vary. To pay the passport fee online, visit your country’s passport agency’s official website.

SOP for PSID/Payments.

The following actions will be taken to generate a PSID and make a payment via 1-Link:

  • Step 1: Mobile and web applications (“Passport Fee Asaan”) will be used to generate a 17-digit Payment Slip Identification (PSID) and notify registrants via SMS/email (system generated).
  • Step 2: The applicant may pay the passport fee using his/her accounts/IBFT, 1BILL, POC (OTC), Internet Banking, ATM, JazzCash, Easypaisa or 1-Link Member branches, including National Bank of Pakistan, along with the 06-digit prefix 999999 preceding the 17-digit PSID at the time of payment. Again, the user will be notified with an SMS (Bank’s payment confirmation) for payment acknowledgement on his/her mobile handset via 1-Link e.g., 999999XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
  • Step 3: Applicants can also use the PSID number to verify the status of their “Successful” and “Unsuccessful” payments via the Mobile & Web Portal module.
  • Step 4: The Regional Passport Offices will enter a 17-digit PSID starting from (1106XXXXXXXXXXXXX) & verify it, paid via 1-Link at the token stage with the amount paid to capture data, correspondingly, for the issuance of the passport.
  • The Accounts Officer of DGI&P (HQ) will reconcile e-payments in the fifth step.
  • Step 6: If PSID cancellation is necessary for any reason, the Officer in Charge may email CTSC at “[email protected]”.

Online passport payment in Pakistan is easy. Credit/debit cards, online banking, and mobile payments are accessible. Detailed instructions are here:

Pakistani Online Passport Fee Payment

  1. Credit/debit cards: The DGIP website and HBL app accept credit and debit card payments for passport fees.
  2. Online banking: Online payment of passport fees is now possible for Pakistani bank account holders. Follow the government payment instructions on your online banking account.
  3. Mobile apps: HBL, JazzCash, and EasyPaisa accept Pakistani passport fees online.

Pakistan Passport Fee 2023: How to Pay Online?

  1. The DGIP website is
  2. Select “Online Passport Services” from the main menu.
  3. Select “Passport Fee” from the drop-down.
  4. Choose a regular, Diplomatic, or Official Passport.
  5. “Pay Fee Online,” then “Continue.”
  6. Enter your name, passport, and CNIC.
  7. Choose “Confirm.”
  8. Online payments are accepted here. Pay with a credit/debit card or online banking.
  9. A receipt is issued after payment. It can be printed or saved for your records.

Pay your Pakistani passport fee online. But note this is just the first step. You must submit documentation and visit a passport office to complete the application.

HBL App: Online Passport Fee Payment?

  1. The HBL app in Pakistan makes paying passport fees online easy and secure. Detailed instructions are here:
  2. Download the HBL app for Android or iOS.
  3. To access your account, sign in using the HBL app. Create an HBL account by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. To access the payments section, click the option at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Then, select the “Government” option from the main menu
  6. Tap the “Directorate General of Immigration & Passports” option after scrolling down.
  7.  Provide your name, passport type (Regular, Diplomatic, or Official), and fee. 
  8. Review the payment information and then select “Submit.”
  9. You must enter your HBL debit/credit card details or choose your preferred online banking method to complete the payment process.
  10. After a successful payment, a receipt will be generated. Save or print a receipt copy for your records.


In conclusion, making a passport payment online is a quick and easy way to speed up the application process. 

You can pay the passport fee online and proceed with the application process by following simple steps and visiting the official website of your nation’s passport office.

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How can I make an online payment for a passport application? 

Cash on delivery is not a thing; it does not exist. The only accessible payment method is debit/credit card (only Visa and Master Card are accepted).

Where is the passport cost paid?

Ordinary Passport Applicants must submit the appropriate (normal (Normal/Urgent) Passport Fee through one of the following National Bank of Pakistan branches before proceeding to the Regional Passport Office (RPO).

How do I pay the fee for collecting my passport?

The portal will instruct the applicant to pay Paybill Number 5161863. They will input the account number, followed by the amount and their Mpesa PIN.

Can passports be obtained at the Nadra office?

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the decision was made during a session convened by Sharif to make the process of obtaining a passport easier for citizens. “A passport counter will now be available at NADRA offices.”