Jeffrey Epstein associate and former New York Post owner Steven Hoffenberg dies at 77


Jeffrey Epstein associate and former New York Post owner Steven Hoffenberg dies at 77, According to information obtained by, Steven Hoffenberg, who was an acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein and a former owner of The New York Post, passed away last week at the age of 77.

Yesterday, a concerned friend called the police and asked them to come to their residence at Hoffenberg in Derby, Connecticut.

Hoffenberg was discovered supine on the floor of his bedroom when they entered.

According to a source within the police department, it has not been determined what caused his death; nevertheless, there were no obvious marks of damage on his body.

The degree of decay on his body led the authorities to conclude that he had been there for at least a week. An identification is currently being made by a medical examiner utilizing the individual’s dental data.

Hoffenberg gained popularity in the 1990s thanks to the scandal-ridden Towers Financial Corp., a company he operated with Epstein, and the vehicle through which he defrauded $460 million from 200 victims. Hoffenberg climbed to recognition with the help of Towers Financial Corp.

After serving 18 years of his sentence for the crimes, he came out of prison a changed man and became friends with Epstein’s victims. has learned that Maria Farmer, the first woman to accuse Epstein of misbehavior to the police, was the one who called the police and asked them to check on Hoffenberg. Farmer’s call to the police requesting that they look into Hoffenberg’s whereabouts was made.

“Hoff was one of my closest friends on earth, and he was more of a father figure to me than my own biological father ever was.” He led a selfless life, giving away what little he had and never making a demand for anything in return.

Maria was quoted on as saying, “This man was beyond fantastic and a good friend to survivors of Epstein… as he was likewise,” after he had passed away.

According to a source within the police department, however, they are “very convinced” that it is Hoffenberg.

Official identification is anticipated to take place in the coming days, and once it does, it will be shared on the Derby Police Department’s Facebook page.

Hoffenberg is a colorful New York character who is best known for his unsuccessful association with Epstein and his attempt to save The New York Post from going bankrupt in the early 1990s. He is also known for trying to save The New York Post from bankruptcy.

He put millions of dollars into the failing Post in 1993 and took over its management for a short period of time in order to save it from going out of business.

Peter Kalikow, another wealthy fixture on the New York social scene, was the one who plunged the newspaper into financial ruin and decay before selling it to him in a last-ditch effort to save his own skin.

Hoffenberg was not a well-liked candidate for the position of boss.

In March of 1993, after only three months in charge, he was forced out by Abraham Hirschfeld, who he’d brought in with his deep pockets when the SEC froze his own assets amid an investigation into fraud. Abraham Hirschfeld was pushed out by Abraham Hirschfeld in March 1993, after only three months in charge.

Epstein was never charged with any crime, although it is believed that he profited millions of dollars from it.

In an interview given in 2019, he stated that Epstein was the one who conceived of the plot for which he was sentenced to a significant amount of time in prison.

I was under the impression that Jeffrey was the best con artist who could walk. Talent, charisma, intellect, a criminal mastermind. We had something that had the potential to earn us a lot of money. Ponzi was the name that we gave it, and Epstein was the “architect” of the scheme, he explained.

In 1995, he entered a guilty plea to the charge of cheating investors out of 420 million dollars.

They had made bond purchases from Epstein’s employer, Hoffenberg’s Towers Financial Corp, which had been the source of the bonds.